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Times Square in the 1950’s


By Bob Pakes

1957 January 6th, Warwick Hotel, New York (2)It must have been quite a spectacle to walk around on New York’s TIMES SQUARE in the 1950’s. The billboards and neon signs were very colorful and extremely huge. The many theatres all had screaming marquee signs in order to attract their audiences, while the premieres of their movies in turn attracted the big stars of Hollywood. ‘See’ and ‘be seen’, on The Great White Way.
This topic will hopefully serve as a chronological and visual account of the glory days and impact of Times Square as The Crossroads Of The World during the 1950’s. The first two parts, 1954 and 1955, are being presented here, 1956 will follow soon. So, jump into the timemachine and enjoy your stroll on Times Square!
In the photo to the right, Elvis Presley is overlooking New York City from the Warwick Hotel on January 6, 1957.




1954 02 (February overdag) Rob Roy
Just your average day on Times Square, February 1954.
The photo below (taken on just about the same spot, around the same time) shows us how the huge neon-signs light up at night.
1954 02 (February 's avonds) Rob Roy


1954 04 April Times Square 01
In this nice photo (from April 1954) we can see the Times Square streetsign to the left, while below the sign we see that Elephant Walk is currently on the menu at the Astor Theatre.
To the right we have the extremely large advertisement on top of the Bond Clothes store. This advertisement is so large, it actually takes up the complete block.


1954 05 May 04 Pigeons in Times Square by Andrew Lopez
Pigeons In Times Square.
Andrew Lopez, May 1954.
Here is Elephant Walk again (at the Astor), but this time viewed from the south.
The neighbouring theatre, the Victoria, shows a Charlton Heston epic: Secret Of The Incas. While across the street Gone With The Wind is in yet another of it’s re-runs.
But the main attraction in this wonderful photo are, of course, the pigeons.
To help put the buildings and theatres on Times Square in a clearer perspective, notice how Secret Of The Incas can also be seen in the photo below (to the right).


1954 05 May 03
Something interesting, also from May 1954. This cowboy is actually a walking and singing advertisement for the new movie at the Mayfair Theatre (visible in the background).
1954 05 May 02
And below we can see the eyecatching billboard for Johnny Guitar in ’TRUCOLOR’.

1954 05 May 01


1954 06 June 00 3rd re-release
This photo, together with the above Johnny Guitar color shot, plus the following 7 photos, were all taken on the same day, in June 1954. They present us with the unique opportunity to take a look around on Times Square in the 50’s.
Be sure to click the images for an enlargment, and notice the action that is going on in virtually each of these awesome signs of the times.
We’re starting our stroll with the already mentioned Gone With The Wind, the classic movie that was in it’s 3rd re-run by 1954, playing at Loew’s State.

1954 06 June 01
The the left we have Gone With The Wind again.
In the middle we see the building that gave Times Square it’s name: the Times Building.
And to the right we can see the very recognizable (and very large) billboards for both the Astor and Victoria theatres.

1954 06 June 02
In more detail, the Astor showing Indiscretion Of An American Wife, starring Jennifer Jones and Montgomery Clift.
Notice how one billboard was built on top of another.
Keep an eye on Echoes if you are interested in Monty Clift. Soon we will have an article about this troubled but very gifted actor.

1954 06 June 03
To the right of the Astor we have the Victoria.
Shirley Booth and Robert Ryan star in About Mrs. Leslie.
This just like with Indiscretion, this movie also centers around a female main character, and on both occasions the (very strong) male lead is only second billed.
Also on the bill a name that will sound familiar to the Elvis fans on this website: Hal Wallis.
This billboard appears to be placed over the windows of the apartment building. One can assume the Victoria billboards look much less spectacular from inside the apartments …

1954 06 June 04 46th and Duffy Square
In the above photo we see the Dutch Masters Cigars storefront.
The image to the right gives us a view of this street (to the left is the same cigar store again).
Plenty of wellknown stageplays are being advertised here.
Most noticeable are two titles that will be turned into a movie within 2 years: The Seven Year Itch, starring Marilyn Monroe, and Teahouse Of The August Moon, starring Marlon Brando.

1954 06 June 05
A close-up of the Pepsi sign that has been here for nearly 15 years (at that time replacing the Coca Cola neon-sign).
The following year (1955) the Pepsi company will leave this spot and find a new home for their advertisement on top of the Bond building (where two incredibly large Pepsi bottles will be placed on each side of an even larger bottlecap).

1954 06 June 06
The Pepsi sign from a bit more distance. In this photo we are now also able to see the statue of Father Duffy (of The Fighting 69th) after whom the northern part of Times Square was named: Duffy Square.
Notice the huge Budweiser sign in the middle of the image.

1954 06 June 07
Here we have that Budweiser sign again, but this time from the back.
Humphrey Bogart (by 1954 in the autumn of his career, but brilliant as always) is headlining the cast of The Caine Mutiny over at the Capitol Theatre.


Yolande Pompee and Hector Constance Feeding Pigeons
Here again something very interesting, from July 1954.
The the left we see the Duffy statue, but to the right we can actually see one of the incredibly large billboards at the Mayfair theatre come to life as the advertisement for their latest movie, Apache!, is being put in it’s place.
Apache 1-sheet USA poster
In the photo below we can see the artist comparing his work with the image he is holding in his hand.

1954 07 July 02 1954 07 July 03


1954 10 October sitting
When Indian Chiefs ruled Times Square!
In October 1954 yet another Mayfair work of art dominated Times Square with this incredible billboard of Sitting Bull overlooking the crossroads of the world.
This is another one of those rare images that help put the largeness of the signs and billboards into the right perspective.
It must surely have been overwhelming, intimidating even, to walk around here without feeling very, very small.


1954 11 November Frank Oscar Larson
From November 1954, a very cool Frank Oscar Larson photo.
Two of the all time greatest movies in their genres are on the billboard today at the Astor and Victoria theatres:
Marlon Brando stars in the movie that won him his first Oscar, On The Waterfront. While Judy Garland sings and dances her way to the top in A Star Is Born.


1955 TS


Dennis Stock early 55 01 JAMES DEAN IN TIMES SQUARE
In early 1955, photographer Dennis Stock took these legendary shots of James Dean on a rainy day in Times Square.
We see that Dean has just walked passed the Astor Theatre (on the leftside of the photo) where Walt Disney’s 20.000 Leagues Under The Sea (starring Kirk Douglas) was playing at that moment.
It will be at that same theatre that Dean’s first major movie (East Of Eden) will have it’s premiere in the very near future.
peter stackpole


1955 03 march 1 1955 02 march 2
One of the most eyecatching billboards on Times Square in the 50’s was the one for Underwater! (notice the exclamation mark) on the front of the Mayfair Theatre in March 1955.
The movie was Howard Hughes‘ excuse to show off Jane Russell in a bathing suit. And why not?
Underwater! was produced by RKO, and even though the RKO Palace is only two doors down, the movie played at the Mayfair.
One year later, Richard Egan (co-star in Underwater!) would head the cast of Elvis Presley’s first movie Love Me Tender.

1955 01 march c
Notice the differences between the billboard and the poster from 1955:
the image of Jane is not just reversed, but the bathing suit has become a bikini, and now there’s a knife on her hip.
1955 04 march


1955 02 march
Taken only moments apart from the above picture. To the left we can see a small part of the Underwater! sign.
These photos (including the following three) are from March 1955. The photographer of these historical shots is unknown.
The Palace Theatre (later re-named RKO Palace) was the major vaudeville theatre in the 30’s and 40’s. During one phase (starting in 1949) it combined vaudeville with the showing of a movie (as can be seen in the photo to the right), until it gave up on vaudeville altogether in 1957 and became a movie-theatre. From the mid 60’s unwards it again went through a change as it eventually became a musical theatre.

1955 02 The long Gray Line at the Capitol
Just north of Times Square, on Broadway, the Winter Garden is located. In 1955 the comedy Plain And Fancy had a run of 8 months at this theatre.
Across the street, to the right of the photo, we see that The Long Gray Line is playing at the Capitol Theatre.
Underneath the banner that’s hanging over the street, advertising this Tyrone Power movie, and just below the words ‘JOIN THE U.S. ARMY’, we see the back of the CHEVROLET sign on Times Square. The front of this sign can be seen in the following photo.

NY 1955 04
A north view of Times Square.
To the right, on top of the Bond clothes store, we can see that the HUGE Pepsi-advertisement is being constructed.
Underneath the Admiral-sign, we now see an open space that is “For Rent”. This is where the old Pepsi neon-sign used to be.

March 1955 01
Same day, opposite direction (facing south).
The Pepsi-construction is now to the left, and on the rightside of the photo we can see the billboard for East Of Eden.


101c 100c
East Of Eden premiered on the 9th of March, at the Astor Theatre, and Marilyn Monroe was one of the ushers this evening. Watch a broadcast of the premiere HERE.
James Dean did not attend the premiere, but he checked out the theatre when his first movie was the “next attraction”.
In the photo below he is accompanied by Eartha Kitt.
USA. New York City. 1955. James DEAN with Eartha KITT

March 1955 02 March 1955 03


mid 1955 Operation Alert Drill. many took the drills in stride and felt it was a patriotic duty
An interesting photo from June 1955.
The US government held a drill in 55 cities around the country, including New York City, in case the atomic bomb would be dropped on US soil.
Well, this is 1955. And learning to live with the atomic threat was part of everyday life.
More info on the Oparation Alert HERE.


august 1955
Hollywood’s tough guys rule Times Square in this colorful photo from the summer of 1955:
Burt Lancaster stars as The Kentuckian at the Mayfair, while Kirk Douglas is Ulysses over at The Globe across the street.


1955 02 - kopie
The huge Pepsi advertisement on the roof of the Bond clothes store is now in place.
1955 (2) - kopie


1955 september - kopie
A lady is signaling a cab in this moody photo from September 1955.


October 1955 c - kopie
James Dean did not attend the premiere of his first movie. And by the time Rebel Without A Cause hit the theatres (7 months later, in October 1955) he was already dead.
Rebel premiered at the same theatre as East Of Eden, the Astor.
Rebel co-star Natalie Wood dated Elvis in the following year.
Nick Adams, who had a minor role in the movie, became friends with both Dean and Presley.


1955 december c - kopie
“This litter belongs to YOU
– Keep N.Y. clean”

In December of 1955, a huge litter basket was placed in the middle of Times Square in order to show the people how much they polluted the city with their litter.
To the left of the photo we see the Pepsi sign, and to the right the Astor (that ran another Burt Lancaster movie: The Rose Tattoo).


1955 postcard 01 - kopie 1955 postcard 02 - kopie
To conclude the ’55 entry in the Times Square chronology, here are some nice vintage Times Square postcards from the summer of that year.
1955 postcard 03 - kopie


1956 TS
Coming SOON!


Andreas Feininger
Heinrich Heidersberger
Frank Oscar Larson
Andrew Lopez
Peter Stackpole
Louis Stettner
Dennis Stock
Alfred Wertheimer
+ the MANY UNSUNG HEROES who’ve helped to bring the 50’s come to life in this article!


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  1. Gerrit de Jong #

    Very interesting Bob!
    Jane Russell in Underwater, now thats a pretty sight.

    October 11, 2013
  2. Very cool collection! I know the focus is the ’50s, but any collection of Times Square photos seems almost incomplete without at least one version of Eisenstaedt’s “The Kiss” from VJ Day.

    October 11, 2013
    • Bob #

      Haha, I agree! And seriously, I had already saved this image for a future Times Square topic dealing with the 40’s … great shot!

      October 12, 2013
  3. Wonderful presentation and text story. Love it!

    October 12, 2013
  4. bwmw #

    Elvis in “Rebel” photo?

    October 12, 2013
  5. Alan White #

    Great billboards. Marilyn as beautiful as ever. James Dean.
    Must have been wonderful to stroll down there in 1955.

    October 12, 2013
  6. Jans #

    Very nice presentation. Thanks !

    October 13, 2013
  7. Craig Philo #

    Stunning pics of a bygone time.

    October 15, 2013
  8. Alexander Nijeboer #

    Nice read, Bob thanks!

    October 15, 2013
  9. A mindblowing piece in photos and presentation. You’re frikkin’
    good, Bob! Keep up the high standard…It’s a feast for the eyes!

    August 8, 2014
  10. Josep #

    I had missed this wonderful topic the first time around.

    What a beautiful collection of images, and what a great way to present them.

    I love the James Dean shots – the one with Eartha Kitt is new to me. As are the Marilyn photos from the “East Of Eden” premiere – she was at her prettiest ever during this period.

    But, most of all, I love the pigeon shots – seriously.

    Thanks, Bob, for yet another gorgeous topic.

    August 8, 2014
  11. Priscilla Smits #

    Just great, wonderful!
    I love the photo with the pigeons, and Marilyn at the East Of Eden premiere.

    September 30, 2014
  12. Looked at it again today, and it’s still mindblowing photography of times long gone.
    Times Square looks like sh.. these days.

    October 18, 2014
  13. It was great top see New York City again. It brought back memories when we visited N.Y. back in the fifties with my parents. I was 19 years young back then. The only thing I did not see of the photos you had was the Camel sign with the smoke rings blowing out over times square, and Jack Dempsey’s restaurant where we had dinner and we met Jack Dempsey. Great job.Your photos were excellent.

    July 15, 2015
  14. Pablo Perez #

    I miss the days when my friends and I would pack in a checker cab to Times Square, arcade,
    Pizza, movies and cab back home for a couple of bucks each.

    My compliments to you.


    October 9, 2015
  15. I noticed the dates of some of the comments. Do they indicate you won’t be completing this project. I was looking forward to seeing 1956-58 or 59. I’m working on a series of novels that began in 1941. I’m up to 1956. I was sure hoping to look at your pictures. Any chance you’ll start again? Vanda

    August 24, 2017
  16. T.J. Welles #

    Any pics of Toffernetti’s Restaurant?
    My nana worked there as a hostess and waitress till 1958.

    January 27, 2022

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