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The Tankcaster – Issue No. 8 (1962)


By Ger Rijff

Gary PepperTHE TANKCASTER was without a doubt the most heartwarming and intimate pubication of all fanclub magazines, and GARY PEPPER was as close to Elvis Presley as no other fan would ever be.
The Elvis Presley Tankers Fan Club was founded in 1958 by cousin Bobby Smith, who soon after handed it over to Gary Pepper. Only 10 newsletters were published irregularly until Gary had to call it quits in 1963. All of these newsletters are now very hard to find.
In this article we present the first in a series of original Tankcaster issues on Echoes.
Since nearly all newsletters differ in both size and amount of pages, additional information will be given for each newsletter. And we will also add images of certain subjects Gary has been referring to in the relevant newsletter.
Enjoy Gary Pepper’s legendary “THE TANKCASTER”!




The Tankcaster 8 ENDTankcaster No. 8 was folded in a way that a member would receive it in the A5 format. When opened you were able to read the first full page (in A4). And when unfolded yet again, you would get the two middle pages (together in A2).
In this issue, Gary announces a contest for which the prize was a copy of Lucky Charm that Gary had Elvis sign for him. You can see this item below.
Lucky Charn - signed for Gary Pepper




The Tankcaster 8 (page 1)


The Tankcaster 8 (page 2)


The Tankcaster 8 (page 4)


The Tankcaster 8 (page 3)


The Tankcaster 8 (page 5)




Follow That Dream publicity stillGary mentions that Elvis’ cousins, Gene and Bobby Smith (Bobby had started the Tankcaster fan club), can be spotted in the courtroom-scene in Follow that Dream.
In this publicity still they are seated in the back.




The Tankcaster 8 TOP

Check out the complete 1963 TANKERS ANNUAL HERE!
It is loaded with rare candids taken by Gary’s mother and comes highly recommended!
(from the collection of Jans Rabbers)


If you are interested in more complete Tankcasters:
keep an eye on Echoes!




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  1. Jambalaya #

    Great stuff! Thank you so much!!

    October 14, 2014
  2. colonel snow #

    Nice to read this old stuff.

    October 14, 2014
  3. elvis-fan #

    Thanks for the newsletter… great reading!
    Boy, life was so much simpler back then … just throw 50 cents in an envelope to get a Blue Hawaii magazine!!!
    And I had no idea Elvis had an aunt Lillian! :)

    October 14, 2014
  4. Jans #

    Great read Bob.
    Thanks !

    October 21, 2014

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