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Strictly Elvis No. 11 (March 1969)


By Bob Pakes

Strictly-Elvis-5-TOP2Still floating on air since the phenomenal ’68 TV Special, also early 1969 proved to be a most exciting time to be an Elvis fan!
Even though most of the attention in issue No. 11 of Strictly Elvis is aimed at Elvis’ recent movie, Charro! (which, according to the fans, was a big step up when compared to Elvis’ thin-plotted recent movies), huge things were happening in the Elvis world around the time when this issue went to press in March of 1969:
– In the previous month Elvis had finished some of the best recordings of his career at American Sound Studios in Memphis.
– Elvis was working on what would (finally!) become his final movie.
– Arrangements for Elvis’ return to performing live were finalized.
In The Ghetto would be released the next month.
Let Rocky Barra take you back to early 1969 – enjoy the read!

























My sincere thanks and utmost respect goes to Rocky Barra.
For an interesting interview with Rocky, please go HERE

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  1. Judith #

    Always nice to read these fanzines from a time when Elvis was alive, especially from the pivotal year 1969. Interesting to read that even back then the suitability of Vegas for Elvis’ shows was already questioned.

    August 2, 2018
  2. Alan White #

    Great article Bob.

    September 29, 2018

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