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Spotlight On Elvis’ Most Sexy Co-Stars!


By Bob Pakes / Hugh McKenna

00 Elvis Leading Ladies topApart from the usual truckload of mediocre songs, Elvis’ movies in the mid 60’s had something else in common: they featured some of Hollywood’s prettiest ladies.
The acting abilities of most of these beauties will probably not have impressed the Oscar Committee, but the lack of a skilled lead actor had never stopped the average Elvis-fan from watching his artistic output on the silver screen anyway.
Of course, not all of Elvis’ movies were unwatchable. And actually quite a few top-rated actresses have appeared in his films: Barbara Stanwyck, Angela Lansbury, Dolores Del Rio, Hope Lange, Katy Jurado, Carolyn Jones, Joan Blondell, to name just a few.
This article however, is all about beauty and screen presence!
The aim was to present the most sexy co-star of each of Elvis’ films through High-Resolution professionally done Publicity Stills.
Please do your eyes a big favour, and click the images for an ENLARGMENT in order to catch the full beauty of these Co-Stars!
We start this article off with Elvis’ first 10 movies. All of which were very decent productions and well worth your time, not in the last place because the female co-stars in these movies were not just blessed with good looks but also with plenty of acting skills.





Debra Paget

Debra Paget was a glamour girl if there ever was one. The sheer sexiness she displayed in her movies was out of this world, especially for the decade she rose to fame in. One of her most memorable performances was her ultra sexy dance in The Indian Tomb (1959) seen HERE!
After having starred in just about everything from B-westerns (like Love Me Tender) to epic productions (like The Ten Commandments), Debra Paget left the business in the mid 60’s, living a rather reclusive life but still looking like a million bucks.
The chemistry between Elvis and Debra worked fairly good onscreen, but when looking at candids of the two during shooting in 1956, there often is this feeling that Paget was out of his league, and Milton Berle probably said it best when he (jokingly) told Elvis to “Stick to Heartbreak Hotel and stay away from The Waldorf”.

Debra Paget | A class act


Debra Paget 03 Debra Paget 04 Debra Paget 05


Debra Paget 02 Debra Paget 06 American actress Debra Paget in a swimsuit, circa 1955.





Lizabeth Scott

By the time Lizabeth Scott appeared in Elvis’ second film she had already starred opposite some of Hollywood’s biggest guns: Kirk Douglas, Burt Lancaster, Humphrey Bogart, Dick Powell, Victor Mature, Charlton Heston, Alan Ladd, Robert Mitchum and Robert Ryan. And in 1957 the name of Elvis Presley would be added to that already very impressive list. Most of her movies were in the Film Noir style, with Scott garnering the reputation of being a femme fatale due to her sultry looks and smoky voice.
Scott appeared in only one movie after Loving You, although she did act intermittently on television during the sixties, her performance alongside Mickey Rooney and Michael Caine in Pulp (1972) would be her last.

Lizabeth Scott | A dame to kill for


Lizabeth 06 Lizabeth 02 Lizabeth 03


Lizabeth 01 Lizabeth 04 Lizabeth 05




Jailhouse Rock

Judy Tyler

Sadly enough, Judy Tyler died very young at the age of 24 (before the premiere of Jailhouse Rock), and pubicity photos of her are very hard to find. Apart from the ones she did for Jailhouse Rock, only one earlier photoshoot (for Bop Girl Goes Calypso) captured her beauty, but these photos are nearly impossible to locate in a decent quality.
What we have below are a very sexy photo of Judy hooking herself up (left) in a classic Pin-Up manner, plus a cropped publicity shot for Bop Girl Goes Calypso (to the right). But the most eyecatching photo is the one in the middle with a very natural looking Judy in 1955 (when she appeared on stage in the musical Pipe Dream).

Judy Tyler | Forever young, forever beautiful


Judy Tyler Trying Out Fishing Equipment Judy Tyler 01 Judy Tyler 02





Dolores Hart

After already having starred opposite Elvis in Loving You, Dolores Hart was probably the envy of every female Elvis-fan after she once again played his love interest in King Creole.
Dolores (a niece of Mario Lanza) had a relatively short but very promising career in movies (having also starred opposite Montgomery Clift, Stephen Boyd and Robert Wagner) when she decided to become a nun at he age of 24.
When once asked what is was like to kiss Elvis, Mother Hart replied: “The limit for a screen kiss back then was 15 seconds. But that one has lasted 40 years.”
Dolores is without a doubt the prettiest of all the co-stars. Just click the color-photo below to the left for an enlargment, and witness her s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g natural beauty.

Dolores Hart | Mother, what a beauty!


Dolorer Hart 01 Dolorer Hart 03 Dolorer Hart 02





Juliet Prowse

G.I. BLUES (1960)
Juliet Prowse, the statuesque Indian-born actress of South African heritage holds the distinction of having acted with both Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley.
A dancer since the age of four, Prowse danced and acted on stage, television, and in cinema from the 50’s to the 90’s. She gained fame and some notoriety when the Soviet Premiere Nikita Khrushchev declared her dance “immoral” when visiting the set of Can-Can in 1960. And whilst a brief engagement to Sinatra followed, after G.I. Blues (and a fling with Elvis Presley) Prowse seemed like a woman out of time in Hollywood, with big screen musicals in uncertain territory and roles fitting of her talent not forthcoming.
Latterly, she won acclaim in the West End for her performance in Sweet Charity (1967), and was still performing on stage in ’95 when she toured with Mickey Rooney in Sugar Babies.
Juliet Prowse died of pancreatic cancer on September 14th, 1996. She was just 59 years old.

Juliet Prowse | She’s got legs and she knows how to use them


Juliet Prowse 01 Juliet Prowse 14 Juliet Prowse 02


Juliet Prowse 04 Juliet Prowse 06 Juliet Prowse 05





Barbara Eden

Best known for her role as Jeannie in the television series I Dream Of Jeannie, Barbara Eden was a contract player at 20th Century Fox when she acted alongside Elvis in the western Flaming Star. She was first noticed on the stage by Mark Robson, who brought her to Hollywood for a screen test that led to several small roles in television and on film during the mid/late 50’s. More substantial roles came in the early 60’s, most notably in Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea and The Wonderful World Of The Brothers Grimm. Her last film for Fox was in 1964, with her breakout role as Jeannie coming in 1965. Broadcast on NBC, I Dream of Jeannie ran until 1970 and was followed by two reunion movies.
Twice Golden Globe-nominated for her role as Jeannie, Barbara continued to act in a variety of roles until the 2000’s. Her memoir, Jeannie Out Of A Bottle, was published in 2011.

Barbara Eden | The dream we all dream of


Barbara Eden 01 Barbara Eden 05 Barbara Eden 04


Barbara Eden 06 Barbara Eden 03 Barbara Eden 02





Tuesday Weld

Tuesday Weld broke into acting after a troubled childhood and a career in modelling. Her first major role came at the age of 13 in the rock ‘n’ roll movie Rock, Rock, Rock (1956), although it was four years later when she won the Golden Globe for Most Promising Newcomer. By this point Weld was under contract at 20th Century Fox and starred alongside Bing Crosby in High Time (1960) and in Return to Peyton Place (1961). She won good notice for her performances in the Steve McQueen vehicles Soldier in the Rain (1963) and The Cincinnati Kid (1965), but turned down roles in Bonnie & Clyde, Rosemary’s Baby and True Grit, which she later credited to their likelihood of being a success. Whatever her reservations, success did come with a Golden Globe nomination for Play It As It Lays, an Oscar nomination for Looking For Mr. Goodbar, an Emmy nomination for The Winter Of Our Discontent, and a BAFTA nomination for Once Upon A Time In America. Weld found further acclaim with a CableACE award for her performance in the TV adaption of The Rainmaker.

Tuesday Weld | A real, wild child


Tuesday Weld 09 Tuesday Weld Tuesday Weld 04


Tuesday Weld 13 Tuesday Weld 11 Tuesday Weld 12





Joan Blackman

The San Francisco-born Joan Blackman began her acting career on television with roles in several late fifties series such as Hawkeye And The Mohicans (1957) and On Camera (1957), leading to her first big screen role in the 1959 western Good Day For A Hanging. A contract with producer Hal Wallis followed along with roles next to Dean Martin in Career (1959), Jerry Lewis in Visit To A Small Planet (1960) and Elvis in Blue Hawaii (1961). A second role alongside Elvis in Kid Galahad (1962) preceded a move back to television where Blackman found a regular role as Marian Fowler in Peyton Place (1965/1966). Later movies include Moonrunners (1975) and David Cronenberg’s Shivers (1975).
The photo to the right is from Kid Galahad (1962).

Joan Blackman | Can’t help falling in love with Joan


Joan Blackman 02 Joan Blackman 03Joan Blackman 04





Anne Helm

Anne Helm, born in Canada, had a very successful career acting on television from the 1950’s to the 1980’s, although she occasionally appeared on the big screen, with her most popular and famous role being next to Elvis in Follow That Dream. Over the years Anne has appeared in a long list of TV shows that include Rawhide (1961), The Untouchables (1961) Wagon Train (1962/1963), Burke’s Law (1964), Hawaii Five-O (1968/1969), The Streets of San Francisco (1974), Hart to Hart (1980) and Airwolf (1984).
Often when you come across one of her signed photos with Elvis, she has written these little personal messages next to her autograph encouraging people to “keep following your dream”. Anne has to be one of the nicest and easiest approachable people in the Elvis world.

Anne Helm | Still following that dream


Anne Helm 10 Anne 02 Anne 01


Anne Helm 11 Anne Helm 12 Anne Helm 05





Lola Albright

Born in 1925, Lola Albright started her career in Hollywood with a number of bit-parts before making an impression as the girlfriend of Kirk Douglas in the 1948 boxing drama Champion. A variety of roles in film and on television followed before finding further acclaim for her performance in A Cold Wind in August (1961) where she played an emotionally troubled stripper who enters into a relationship with a 17 year-old boy. The following year she appeared alongside Elvis in Kid Galahad and worked with continued success on television, finding a regular role in Peyton Place (1965/1966).
Lola won the Silver Bear Award for Best Actress at the Berlin Film Festival for her performance as the suicidal mother of Tuesday Weld‘s character in Lord Love A Duck (1966). Her last role on the big screen was with David Niven in The Impossible Years (1968), although she continued to act on television into the 80’s with roles in Kojak, Starsky and Hutch, Columbo, The Incredible Hulk and Quincy M.E.

Lola Albright | A knockout!


Lola 03 Lola 02 Lola 05


Lola 04 Lola 07 Lola 06




Jocelyn Ann-Margret 01

Many thanks to Josep Rulló for his help and enthousiasm in building this article!


Keep an eye on Echoes for more
Sexy Co-Stars





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