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Muziek Expres nr. 97 (January 1964)


By Jans Rabbers

In the topic about similar collectibles from Elvis and The Beatles (visit it HERE! ), we also presented a couple of pics that showed the artists holding Dutch magazines that featured articles on eachother.
The other magazine, Muziek Expres nr. 104 (August 1964), can be found HERE!

Muziek Expres, January 1964, volume 97.

The front- and backcover:

Muziek Expres 97 (januari 1964) 01 Muziek Expres 97 (januari 1964) 02

4-page Elvis Presley article:

Muziek Expres 97 (januari 1964) 03 Muziek Expres 97 (januari 1964) 04

Muziek Expres 97 (januari 1964) 05 Muziek Expres 97 (januari 1964) 06

2-page Beatles article:

Muziek Expres 97 (januari 1964) 07 Muziek Expres 97 (januari 1964) 08

Naamloos 39Elvis holding this magazine and showcasing the Beatles pages, on february 14 1964, in Long Beach, California.

And for good measure, here are two Elvis-related pages from this magazine. The first features an advertisement for a free photo of your favourite star with a pair of nylons (“the star of your dreams with the nylons of your heart”!). And the second page shows some of the results of a drawing contest:

Muziek Expres 97 (januari 1964) 09 Muziek Expres 97 (januari 1964) 10

40The other magazine (that has Paul and George checking out the 5-page Presley article) will be presented here in a few days. Be sure to check it out!


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  1. The Netherlands in 1964… Yes, I’m old enough to remember how fast the pop
    scene was changing back then. After Elvis’ most succesful years in the Dutch charts,
    1960-’61, Cliff Richard took over, scoring several number 1 hits in a row, and singing
    live on prime time television, one Saturday night in ’62. Elvis his only big hit ( his
    final one over here ’till 1969) was Devil In Disguise. The movies made, after
    Blue Hawaii, didn’t do well, while Cliff’s The Young Ones played to packed cinemas
    for weeks and weeks. Kid Galahad came and went largely unnoticed by most.
    For a while, in ’63, things started to brighten up for Elvis again. Viva Las Vegas
    and the movie by the same name did good for our hero…But it didn’t last long…
    Four lads from England stepped in and made 1964 Beatles mania year!
    As part of a world tour they played two concerts in The Hague, and did a boat
    trip thru the canals in Amsterdam. Mission accomplished. 1964: the start of a new
    era in pop music had began…with a bang!
    Only due to the loyalty of his fans, Elvis would survive for the next 4 long years. And
    no thanks to his movies and bad choice of song material. For most kids my age, at
    the time, Elvis was yesterdays news. Both Beatles and Stones had taken his crown,
    while our hero hadn’t even bothered to put up a decent fight.
    We had to wait ’till ’68…

    May 17, 2013
  2. Alexander, still busy spreading the gospel according to Echoes over there at Fecc…
    Good job my man! There’s some talk on the Echoes topic about an interview done
    by Dutchman Jan Storm, who was the Muziek Expres correspondent in Hollywood
    at the time. Yes, the same guy who had covered Elvis holding up the copy of
    Muziek Expres featuring the Beatles photo spread.
    He did get to meet Elvis on ( or off ) the set when filming was done for Frankie &
    Johnny. The “interview” lasted for less than a minute, but was still broadcasted on
    Radio Veronica a short while later… It circulated among fans for a while, but has
    long since gone up in smoke. It was a very rushed chit chat between Jan and Elvis
    ( the colonel standing in the wings checking his watch, I’m sure ) Anyway, it held
    nothing special. Elvis really liked these new English groups ( no, he didn’t! ) ,
    was soon going on a world tour ( no, he didn’t ) and there were many great
    surprises awaiting us in the future ( no, there weren’t )
    Photos of Elvis, Sinatra and Barbara Stanwyck exist, and originate from that
    afternoon the interview was recorded… Some charity thing, if I remember correctly?
    Spread the word on Fecc. I can still teach them folks over there, a lesson or two!
    Echoes Of The Past Rules. O yeah!

    May 17, 2013
  3. gerrit de jong #

    I have a page with photos from this meeting (with Jan Storm), it was in an old scrappbook i found some years ago.

    May 17, 2013
  4. I vaguely remember that page as part of one of my own
    scrapbooks at the time. Maybe Bob can contact you on
    him making good clean scans of that particular Muziek Expres
    page for future inclusion on our site?!

    Your turn, Bob!

    May 18, 2013
  5. colonel snow #

    What’s known about Jan Storm except he was correspondent in Hollywood around 1964. More stories or pictures??

    May 18, 2013
  6. colonel, Jan Storm working for Muziek Expres as their correspondent in
    Hollywood dates back to the 1950s. The oldest report from him that I
    have, is his story on Flaming Star, dating back to the winter of 1960.
    But there are earlier ones from Jan on Elvis. G.I. Blues ( the Scandinavian
    Royalty meeting Elvis on the set ), the train ride to Miami for the Sinatra
    show…Jan covered it all.

    May 19, 2013
  7. colonel snow #

    Thanks for the additional information.

    May 20, 2013
  8. Alan White #


    May 29, 2013

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