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Muziek Expres nr. 104 (August 1964)


By Jans Rabbers

Here we are with the second magazine, as mentioned in the Elvis + Beatles Collectibles topic (visit it HERE! ), which showed a few photographs of the artists holding Dutch magazines that featured articles on eachother.
The first magazine, Muziek Expres nr. 97 (January 1964), can be found HERE!

Muziek Expres, August 1964, volume 104.

The front- and backcover:

img096 img097

4-page Elvis Presley article:

img098 img099

40Paul engaged in some serious Dutch reading.

img100 img101

The first 2-page Beatles article:

img104 img105

The second 2-page Beatles article:

img106 img107

And the third 1-page Beatles article, plus a cool Coke ad to quench your thirst for more:

img103 img102


Not just The Beatles, but also The Stones apparently had a special interest in this dude from Memphis.
Three of them are holding this particular magazine in these promotional shots:
Stones01 Stones02
The Rolling Stones performed in Scheveningen on the 8th of August 1964. The show was sponsored by Muziek Expres.


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  1. Bob, to make it a Muziek Expres trio, you should be out looking for that
    issue with 2 ( or more? ) full color pages of Elvis visiting the USS Potomac,
    back in February 1964. I think it’s the April issue you need to find.
    It was in there, the photos of Elvis holding up Muziek Expres in front of the
    cameras originated. Due to the inclusion of the Beatles , the story went
    Global… Quite an accomplishment for a Dutch reporter to have Elvis
    making promotion for Muziek Expres. I guess the colonel must have had
    a weak spot for Jan Storm? After all, they were fellow country men…

    May 19, 2013
  2. Alexander Nijeboer #

    The Beatles, The Stones and the man himselvis with Muziek Express. I got my fist Elvis posters from this mag back in the early 80s. The magazine is out of circulation since the 90s. Great to see this little piece of Dutch history!

    May 19, 2013
  3. Alan White #

    The legendary Brian Jones founder and multi instrumentalist of the Rolling Stones.

    May 29, 2013

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