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Muziek Expres nr. 101 (May 1964)


By Jans Rabbers / Bob Pakes

Alright friends, let’s continue with the third complete scan from our 1964 Dutch Muziek Expres magazine series.
The article featured in this magzine deals with Elvis’ gift of the Potomac to the St. Jude’s Hospital in Memphis. Black and white pictures of this event are quite common, but these color pics are pretty rare!
The first Muziek Expres (nr. 97, January 1964) can be found HERE!
And the second Muziek Expres (nr. 104, August 1964) HERE!

Muziek Expres, May 1964, volume 101.

The frontcover:

img138 (neus bewerkt)

3-page Elvis Presley article:



img140 img141


Muziek Expres 97 (januari 1964) 01The magazine Elvis is holding in this article: Muziek Expres 97 (January 1964).


auctionAn advertisement for the auction of Roosevelt’s yacht, from January 1964.
Elvis paid $ 55.000 for it that day.


memoClear instructions, from Diskin to Esposito, about Valentine’s Day 1964.
There’s no doubt about who’s calling the shots here!


potomacElvis with Danny Thomas, founder of the St. Jude’s.
Apparently, this is the only time Elvis ever sat foot on the yacht as his intention had always been to donate it.


NaamloosAs an extra little bonus, HERE is some amazing moving footage from this day, courtesy of Keith Flynn.
There is plenty more rare and interesting stuff on Keith’s site.
Do yourself a favour, take a day off and check it out!


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  1. YESSS! Cliff has finally got his portrait featured on Echoes!
    And that was bloody well time ! Love his 50s and early
    60s recordings! Great pop singer and a very nice guy
    to match!

    June 8, 2013
  2. Alan White #

    Cliff Richard was great in the early days, and his early records especially 78’s still fetch a good price but since he went holier than thou, he has declined but still as you say a very nice man.

    June 8, 2013
  3. Pieter Coertjens #

    Hello Ger,
    I totally agree with you..
    Cliff’s 50’s and early 60’s records are great!
    A bit strange IMO that the Dutch music just in 1964 magazine took an eye on him.



    ps. Do you recognize me?

    June 10, 2013
  4. Pieter, you ask if I recognize you…?
    Give me a hint. It must be from long ago…?

    Back in 1964, Cliff was still the most famous
    solo artist in the Netherlands, and still had an
    impressive list of top 10 hits…
    But ofcourse, Cliff and The Shadows understood
    the importance of making regular visits to
    our country for both live concerts and television
    appearances… While our hero only moved his
    lazy ass from one movie set to another.
    Treating his fans to the likes of Spinout, Frankie
    and Johnny, Harem Holiday and a long line of
    crap movies and crap soundtracks.
    No wonder he was considered ‘old hat’ by most
    kids, from 1965 and onwards…

    June 11, 2013
  5. Gerrit de Jong #

    After watching Cliff’s 1966 flick “Finders Keepers” I am almost tempted to say, thank God for Spinout, but being the nice guy that I am I wont go into that.
    Cliff’s early work is fantastic and you’re right … he’s a nice chap indeed :-)

    June 11, 2013

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