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Loving You (1957)


By Bob Pakes

USA advance poster
Loving You - USA advance promo poster


USA 1-sheets (1957, and 1959 re-release)
Loving You - USA 1-sheet Loving You - USA 1-sheet (1959)


USA half-sheets (1957, and 1959 re-release)
Loving You - USA half sheet (A) Loving You - USA half sheet (1959)


USA 3-sheets (1957, and 1959 re-release)
Loving You - USA 3-sheet Loving You - USA 3-sheet (1959)


USA 6-sheet
Loving You - USA 6-sheet


USA inserts (1957, and 1959 re-release)
Loving You - USA insert Loving You - USA insert (1959)


USA 40 x 60 (style Y and style Z)
Loving You - USA 40X60 (Z) Loving You - USA 40X60 (Y)


USA window card
Loving You - USA window card


USA pressbook
Loving You - USA pressbook


USA standee
Loving You - USA standee


USA lobby card set
Loving You - USA lobby card 1 Loving You - USA lobby card 2

Loving You - USA lobby card 3 Loving You - USA lobby card 4

Loving You - USA lobby card 5 Loving You - USA lobby card 6

Loving You - USA lobby card 7 Loving You - USA lobby card 8


USA newspaper ad
Loving You - USA newspaper ad 3


Austria film programm

Thanks to Kurt Kremlitzka!

Loving You - Austria film programm (Kurt)


Belgium poster
Loving You - Belgium


Denmark poster
Loving You - Denmark (1)


Denmark film program
Loving You - Denmark film program


Finland poster
Loving You - Finland


Germany poster
Loving You - Germany


Germany film-buhne
Loving You - Germany film-buhne


Germany film programm

Thanks to Kurt Kremlitzka!

Loving You - Germany filmprogramm (Kurt)


Italy insert
Loving You - Italy insert upgrade


Italy fotobusta’s
Loving You - Italy fotobusta 04

Loving You - Italy fotobusta 02 Loving You - Italy fotobusta 03

Loving You - Italy fotobusta 01 Loving You - Italy fotobusta 05

Loving You - Italy fotobusta 06 Loving You - Italy fotobusta 07


Italy postcard
Loving You - Italy postcard


Mexico lobby cards
Loving You - Mexico lobby card 1 Loving You - Mexico lobby card 2

Loving You - Mexico lobby card 3 Loving You - Mexico lobby card 4

Loving You - Mexico lobby card 5 Loving You - Mexico lobby card 6


Sweden poster
Loving You - Sweden


UK advance poster
Loving You - USA advance poster


UK quad
Loving You - UK quad


UK pressbook
Loving You - UK pressbook


UK front of house stills
Loving You - UK FOH 1

Loving You - UK FOH 2 Loving You - UK FOH 3








36 Comments Post a comment
  1. Harry Carrigan #

    Great to see you back on the net Ger. I love this stuff. Keep it coming, I’ll be one that’s certainly looking in. All the best. Harry

    April 2, 2013
  2. Barry McLean #

    Loving it all. Thanks Bob.

    April 11, 2013
  3. Gerrit de Jong #

    Next to Pizza and Spaghetti Italy gives another real treat … I just adore that Italian ‘Amami Teneramente’ … yummy … I would love to see those other Fotobusta’s!

    April 24, 2013
  4. Gerrit de Jong #

    What can one say … I’m drooling over here, thanks Bob for this great post … and I confess … I am a Loving You junkie.

    April 24, 2013
  5. Deke Rivers Rocks!
    (Or should that really be Little Jimmy Tomkins Rocks?…)

    May 12, 2013
  6. gerrit de jong #

    Thanks again, I realy enjoy it … wow!

    May 17, 2013
  7. Gerrit de Jong #

    Loving you was based on the short story by Mary Agnes Thompson called A Call from Mitch Miller published in the June (1956) issue of Good Housekeeping, the story was adapted by Hal kanter after it was bought by producer Hal Wallis.

    July 19, 2013
    • nenabunena #

      Hi do you know where we can read the original short story?

      December 30, 2022
  8. Seth Kaminsky #

    To: Harry Carrigan and Ger Rijff … regarding Elvis cards? I wrote the piece about the history of the mysterious missing wrapper for the UK A&BC Elvis card set of the late 50s. Harry cited this information in April, 2013. Have more info to share about this set. Seth K. in New York.

    July 25, 2013
  9. Seth, please share your info on the UK A&BC photo cards with us here!
    Any new info will be welcomed. I’m a genuine Elvis 50s trading
    cards junky.

    July 25, 2013
  10. Seth Kaminsky #

    More about the ’56 Elvis Bubbles set(s)….

    There are at least 4 different known versions of these card sets.

    1. The original (88 x 64 mm) 1956 Topps set of 66 cards, issued under the name Bubbles, Inc. 1 cent and 5 cent wrappers, packs and boxes exist along with the packing crate which contained the boxes as well as the 3 card sample strip distributed by Topps salesmen to promote the series issuance.

    2. The Topps authorized A&BC set from the UK issued in the late 50s which is slightly larger than the US set (95 x 67 mm). No wrappers or packs from this set have been seen as it is believed these cards were dispensed in gum ball machines. Believed to have been delivered to merchants for insertion into the machines in 1000 gumball/card A&BC boxes which contained a mixed assortment of Elvis and non Elvis A&BC cards.

    3. The Topps authorized A&BC proof set which has the same front of card images and card size as set #2 above but has blank grey backs. Not believed to have been sold or distributed commercially.

    4. The black and white “reissue” set issued sometime in the 70s. This is set is basically an unauthorized bootleg set with the “Ask Elvis” tag and copywrite information on the back deleted. Verbiage on the back otherwise identical. Believed to have been sold in full sets only.


    July 25, 2013
  11. Fascinating indeed, Seth!
    Perhaps, sometime after the summer, you and me can
    do an in-depth fully illustrated topic on the various Elvis
    cards sets from the early years? Others have tackled the
    subject on various sites in the last couple o years, but
    presentation wise they all lacked quality info. Echoes is
    the place to do it the right way , once and for all.
    The one thing I’m not convinced about are the black and
    white “reissue” sets supposedly issued in the 70s…?!
    Never, during all those years as an Elvis memorabilia
    collector did I laid eyes on these cards…that is, until a couple
    o years ago, when they popped up on the internet.

    My interest in the trading cards go back to the late 60s when
    I first got hold of the ones made in the US. During the 70s and
    80s I corresponded with several big names in Elvis collecting,
    worldwide… Not once were the “bootleg” card sets mentioned
    by any of the in-crowd collectors…?
    Let’s pick up on this subject in the near future, okay?
    You can reach me at the Echoes Email address shown at the
    bottom of this page. Thanks, Seth!

    July 26, 2013
  12. PS :
    Harry, what are your thoughts on the 70s reissue cards?!

    July 26, 2013
    • Harry Carrigan #

      Ger – I’ve just got back in here. I’ve never seen anything that mentions these copy, bootleg, counterfeit black and white cards being issued in Elvis’s lifetime. I do recall seeing them in the mid-80’s but they were of no interest to me – I considered them junk. Chris may be able to help with this, but it isn’t really his thing (i.e. NOT ORIGINAL). I’d love to see and in depth article fully illustrated on these cards. Seth mentions a multitude of issues from around the world. Maybe you could do two. One on the USA UK Topps and A&BC cards and also an separate article on cards from the rest of the world. This site has become a fantastic reference site. Keep up the great work. All the best. Harry

      July 26, 2013
  13. Seth Kaminsky #

    I’d he happy to collaborate with you on an effort to illustrate Elvis cards from the early years. Of course, there are many other early issue cards…especially Elvis cards which were included in sets featuring other film and recording stars such as the hundreds of small “Dutch cards” (mostly from Sweden), the small Hellas Jenkki cards from Finland, the Elvis cards in the UK Golden Boys set, the Vlinder matchbook cards, the Australian Chucklers Magazine card sets, the Photo Vision Bubble Gum Playing Cards, not to mention the dozens of different Elvis Fan Club Cards and Post Cards…among others. Many other sets like Hit Stars, Rock & Roll Stars by Nu Card, Mister Softee and the UK Disc Jockey set have but one Elvis card in the set.
    Regarding the 70s reissue cards. They were clearly an unauthorized bootleg set but interesting just the same. I know that full sets were sold at Elvis Record and Memorabilia Conventions in the early 80s. They were most likely some person’s attempt to capitalize on the original Elvis card set by knocking off a set of his own. The set is interesting given what was omitted from the verbiage on the back, no doubt to avoid legal troubles from EPE. No wrapper or pack, of course, as they were sold in a stack of 66 cards secured by a rubber band! At least that’s the way they were when I aquired my set.
    If you, Harry and anyone else ever wants to get together in NYC, we can bring in our stuff for an Old Elvis Card pow wow.
    Regards. Seth

    July 26, 2013
  14. Alan White #

    Fantastic colour on the lobby cards.

    July 26, 2013
  15. Harry Carrigan #

    I’m blown away – first time I’ve seen this coloured UK Quad for Loving You. Thanks for making my day.

    Thanks – Harry

    July 26, 2013
  16. Seth Kaminsky #

    Harry makes a good point about bootleg cards but one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. I consider the B&W Elvis set to be bootleg…. not because it’s not original or not because it was not issued by a known manufacturer but because it’s a knock-off of a known existing set. I collect cards from all of the early R&R stars, one of whom is, of course, Elvis. Others have issued unique sets which are “off the grid” from the sets fround in price guides. Two examples are the 20 card Recording Star Vocal Group set issued by a Baltimore doowop fan club or the 29 card Buddy Holly Crash Site set issued by an enterprising photographer.
    And Elvis cards exist in other “non original” sets such as the quirky Rock and Roll Memories Set (Elvis is card #60) or the very well researched 225 Rock Nostalgia set (Elvis is card #85). “Bootleg” cards and card sets could be a discussion topic of its own.
    Best to all. Seth

    July 26, 2013
    • Harry Carrigan #

      Seth – I’m not knocking what people collect. I specialise in memorabilia and magazines released in Elvis’s lifetime. This only represents a fraction of the memorabilia released on Elvis, as the largest percentage was released after his death. Especially outside of the USA. I was put off back in the late 70’s with plastic combs, badges, spoons, cups and all the other tack that came out at the time, junk may have been too strong a word, repros are just not for me, even if I don’t have the originals. As I said before I’d love to see detailed articles on Elvis cards from around the world, especially those in his lifetime. It’s good having a specialist taking the time to share information. Take care. Harry

      July 27, 2013
  17. Seth, with regards to the black & white “bootleg”set of 66 cards:
    Having to rely on a few downloaded images from this set, Ive come
    to the following conclusion : The black & white cards do not have the
    guitar logo on front as seen on both the US and UK full color sets.
    I’ve compared black & white # 15 to the original full color one.
    The (red) guitar logo hides part of his upper left arm. But on the black
    & white “repro” that part of his arm is visible!

    I do know a little about printing techniques. And it’s impossible to
    lift out the red guitar logo from the original card and reprint it in
    black & white without leaving a big scar on the image ! The only way
    to leave out the original logo is to simply cut it off from the original
    card. And in my opinion that has not been done. Yes, the black & white
    card is slightly cropped, but not in a way that would “hide” the guitar logo
    all together.
    Ive only studied this particular card. But Im sure-with you having both the
    color sets and the black & white set- to make comparisings for yourself.
    Do keep in mind, it’s impossible to remove the guitar logo , and the logo
    used on the LMT cards, when a black & white repro is made.
    Further more, a 2nd color ( Blue) was used when the “Elvis” signature
    that was part on the back of the original color cards was added to the
    front of the black& whites.
    No, imo, this is in no way a simple knock off bootleg set of cards.
    It’s way too professional.

    July 27, 2013

    This has always been the #1movie for me in my life. I saw it first when I was 14, today I’m 69. It changed for ever the way I consider singers from then on. There is Elvis and then there are the others. Thank you very much for bringing it all back. God bless you.

    July 27, 2013
  19. Seth Kaminsky #

    Harry: Well said!

    Ger: I think we might be looking at two different reprints. In my set, the image on card #15 in the B&W set (as well as all others in the set) is exactly the same as in the original set. The guitar logo on the front of the card is in the exact same spot on both the original and B&W sets, except that it’s white on red in the original and white on black in the B&W set. The Elvis signature on the back of the B&W set is black, not blue. There are differences in the back printing on the check list card (card #2) and on the Love Me Tender clapboard cards (cards #47-66) than on the others in the set. Card #2 carries the RCA logo and “RCA Victor Records” at the bottom on the back and the other cards in the set have blank white bottoms except for the black Elvis “signature”. Cards 47-66 have the same verbiage on the lower back side as that within the blue stripe at the bottom of the original set but the copywrite info below that on the original set is deleted on the B&W set. At least this is the way the cards I have look. Ger….perhaps you were looking at a bootleg of a bootleg (ha!) or maybe we’re just getting too picky.
    Anyway, nice to know there are at least 2 or 3 of us on the planet that cares about this stuff.


    July 27, 2013
  20. You’re right seth. In my comment I forgot to mention the 3 cards I have
    downloaded from the net say : A & BC Golden Boys. After a week ploughing
    thru heatwave temperatures my eyes just didn’t do their work correctly.
    But mistakes are easily made not having been aware of the black & white
    variations of the original 1956 cards up until recent times. Still I wonder
    about the piece of his upper left arm being visible in black & white ( A & BC )
    and not on the full color original printing?! Maybe my aging eyes are still playing
    tricks on me?
    Main thing is, I was having fun with checking the cards on the pc screen this
    morning. I mean, some of my “detective” work was bringing new facts and
    images to the surface recently : check my topic on the 1957 Elvis by
    numbers paint set, elsewhere on Echoes.

    Ive long ago closed the door behind me on post Army Elvis. It’s the 50s stuff
    that has my interest. Let others worry about the bloody 70s soundboards…!
    One more thing: the Vlinder matchbox fronts ( made here in Holland) in my
    book have zero to do with actual cards. It’s a layer of very thin paper glued to
    the top of the matchboxes. At least that’s how I remember them from my
    youth. Yes, you, Harry and I should do a future topic on the various US, UK,
    and European cards. Let’s see what we can work out together?
    It has been fun ( for me) so far.

    July 27, 2013
  21. Seth Kaminsky #

    No, you are not losing your eyesight and the confusion is easily resolved.
    The description of the B&W Elvis set I provided earlier is correct. This set is a knock off of the ’56 Elvis set with the copyright info removed.
    The cards you are referring to come from a completely different set which knocked off the IMAGES of five of the cards in the ’56 Elvis set. The set (actually sets) are referred to as the Golden Boys set and were issued by A&BC in 1960. Two printings were made…one, a set of 36 cards (96mm x 67mm) with grey blank backs and the second, a set of 40 cards (89mm x 64mm) with white blank backs. Cards were released in gum packs with a Golden Boys wrapper. The cards featured 8 male R&R stars of the day, Adam Faith, Billy Fury, Tommy Steele, Vince Eager, Joe Brown, Marty Wilde, Dennis Lotis and Elvis. Elvis was assigned 5 cards, #s 15-19. Since A&BC already had the legal rights from Topps for the Elvis images used on their ’56 set, they used those images for the Elvis cards in the Golden Boys set. The red guitar was eliminated although the tag line used within the red guitar on 4 of the cards was preserved along with the “Elvis sig” which was moved from the back of the card to the front and set out in blue. (They invented a tag line for card #2, the checklist card.) Here’s the transposition info between the sets:
    Golden Boys card #15, A smile for You. Image was ’56 Elvis card #2.
    Golden Boys card #16, Thoughtful Mood. Image was ’56 Elvis card # 21.
    Golden Boys card #17, America’s Top Singer. Image was ’56 Elvis card #46.
    Golden Boys card #18, Pickin Out a Tune. Image was ’56 Elvis card #12.
    Golden Boys card #19, Chow Time on the Movie Set. Image was ’56 Elvis card #36.

    Golden Boys cards are not all that rare and a few are usually available on eBay at any given time.

    Maybe more info than you wanted!
    Best, Seth

    July 30, 2013
  22. Seth Kaminsky #

    PS. Agee that the Vlinder “cards” are not really cards but they’re interesting just the same.
    See eBay lot # 210840522375 for a look at Golden Boys Elvis card #15. Slabbed, but overpriced.

    July 30, 2013
  23. David English #

    Loving You – I was lucky enough to have a private viewing of a 35 mm print of the movie when I visited New York recently … what a treat … love all the posters, great stuff Bob!


    July 31, 2013
  24. hi Seth, thanks for the additional info on the many different
    Elvis trading cards. This afternoon, after ploughing thru hundreds,
    if not thousands of vending machines on the internet , I found this
    really super kool 50s machine that still has 2 original Elvis, and 2
    Baseball cards on display behind the little glass windows of this
    metal constructed machine ! The sign up front reads: 1penny
    gumball + card. The machine is a “Premiere”. On the back it reads:
    Premiere, gum card vendor, Calif. It’s a great designed original
    machine. No retro sh.t .

    I can mail you a scan if you’re interested? Need your Email address.
    You can mail it to
    Bob will forward it to me.

    August 2, 2013
  25. Seth Kaminsky #

    Great find Ger! Will do as suggested. Seth

    August 4, 2013
  26. Sharon #

    I have a set of the 66 Black and White Elvis cards that have been replicated from the color ones. Any idea if that has any value. Someone is interested in them and I have no idea what value if any they have. The set has the 46 Ask Elvis cards and 20 Love Me Tender cards. Thanks.

    August 16, 2013
  27. Seth Kaminsky #

    Sharon: The rather crude 66 card B&W Elvis set was first seen in the late 70s. Someone indeed knocked them off leaving out the copyright info at the bottom of the flip side. While not a “legit” set in that they were not issued by a known manufacturer, they do have value to collectors as an interesting curiosity. I’d call the set bootleg rather than counterfeit in that as a B&W set, there certainly was no attempt made to fool anyone that these were genuine EPE cards. Bottom line, they DO have value although as with any collectible, it would no doubt be what someone was willing to pay. If you have an real offer, you could put the cards up for sale on eBay, setting a reserve at the offer price and see what the market says. You might be surprised. Good luck! seth

    August 16, 2013
  28. Sharon #

    Seth thanks, I have searched to see what others have sold for and no luck any thought on a price? I did have someone offer me $25 sight unseen but I have not idea what the market would bring if anything more. Thanks

    August 16, 2013
  29. Seth Kaminsky #

    Sharon. That seems too low a price even for a bootleg set. I’d like to contact you directly to discuss your options further (so as not to clutter up this site) but am not exactly sure how to do that. seth

    August 17, 2013
  30. Sharon #

    you can call me on my cell at 214-287-5156

    August 17, 2013
  31. Gerrit De Jong #

    Take a look at that Belgian Poster … Christmas comes early this year … WOW!

    December 3, 2013
  32. Matt #

    Hi there.
    I sold 6 of the blank backed Elvis A&BC cards on ebay several years ago, which I originally acquired from a former employee of the company, so there may be a few more out there.
    I also have 4 UK stills for Loving You available if anyone is interested

    March 10, 2017
  33. Brandi Dompe #

    Hiya.. my mom found a USA advance poster of ‘loving you’.. the one above.. in mint condition.

    What is it worth??


    May 12, 2020

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