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Elvis Presley Souvenir Photo Album (EPE, 1956)


By Juan Luis / Bob Pakes

1957In this article we take a look at the Souvenir Photo Album that was available at Elvis concerts in 1956 and ’57. Since no less than three different Photo Albums were produced in 1956, we will kick this article off with a little “Who’s Who?” in the land of photo albums before we turn the spotlight on the photo album that is commonly known as The Second Tour Book and which was part of the successful Elvis Presley Enterprises merchandise train in 1956.
Followed by the small introduction, is Part 1 of this article in which we present a complete scan of THE SECOND TOUR BOOK.
In Part 2 we go ON TOUR WITH THE TOUR BOOK by letting some magnificent photographs taken at Elvis’ concerts in 1956 and ’57 (all of which include the Tour Book!) guide us through the days of ultimate cool.
All aboard the Echoes Time Machine! First stop: 1956 …


Souvenir Picture Album 1956 (Mr. Rhythm) Souvenir Photo Album 1956 (Mr. Dynamite)LEFT:
The first Photo Album, “MR. RHYTHM“, was printed in early 1956 and consited of 12 pages. Elvis graced the frontcover and was featured on three pages, but this rare Album also contained full-page photos of The Louvin Brothers, Benny Martin, June Carter, Justin Tubb and Mother Maybelle And The Carter Sisters.
The second Photo Album, “MR. DYNAMITE“, was the first Souvenir Album to solely contain Elvis images.
Even though not officially the first Elvis Tour Book, it is usually referred to as such by collectors.

The third Photo Album came without a subtitle and is commonly known as “THE SECOND TOUR BOOK“.




Elvis Presley Souvenir Photo Album - different variationsTHE SECOND TOUR BOOK was available for a long period of time and printed in different variations. The most visual differences are the pricetag and the number of pages:
Some editions came WITHOUT A FIXED PRICE while others have PRICE 50¢ printed in the upper right corner. The Tour Book was also available in 12-PAGE and 16-PAGE editions.
According to Presleyana there is no difference in collector’s value between these variations (estimated at $200 each).
Elvis Presley Souvenir Photo Album - copyright notice
All editions have the EPE copyright logo on the inside page.








Elvis Presley Souvenir Photo Album (Juan Luis) 01


Elvis Presley Souvenir Photo Album (Juan Luis) 02 Elvis Presley Souvenir Photo Album (Juan Luis) 03


Elvis Presley Souvenir Photo Album (Juan Luis) 04 Elvis Presley Souvenir Photo Album (Juan Luis) 05


Elvis Presley Souvenir Photo Album (Juan Luis) 06 Elvis Presley Souvenir Photo Album (Juan Luis) 07


Elvis Presley Souvenir Photo Album (Juan Luis) 08 Elvis Presley Souvenir Photo Album (Juan Luis) 09


Elvis Presley Souvenir Photo Album (Juan Luis) 10Elvis Presley Souvenir Photo Album (Juan Luis) 11


Elvis Presley Souvenir Photo Album (Juan Luis) 12Elvis Presley Souvenir Photo Album (Juan Luis) 13


Elvis Presley Souvenir Photo Album (Juan Luis) 14 Elvis Presley Souvenir Photo Album (Juan Luis) 15


Elvis Presley Souvenir Photo Album (Juan Luis) 16








Elvis Presley Souvenir Photo Album - Dayton (May 27, 1956)  (Marvin Israel)

October 28, 1956
New York, NY

On this day a huge cut-out of Elvis Presley was unveiled on the marquee of the Paramount Theatre. The unveiling was part of the huge upcoming LOVE ME TENDER PREMIERE (on November 15th).
This photo offers us a rare glimpse at an Elvis merchandise stand (inside the theatre lobby). Next to the Tour Book, also visible are the EPE hat and the sheet music of Love Me Tender.
However, the nicest thing about this photo are the two teenagers to the right, admiring the EPE merchandise in the same way a young child admires all that delicious candy in a candy store. Simply a beautiful photo.
Marvin Israel




Elvis Presley Souvenir Photo Album - Buffalo (April 1, 1957) 1b

April 1, 1957
Buffalo, NY

Here we have a couple of nice backstage photos of Elvis with some of his teenage fans.
Even though these kind of images have a certain spontaneous feel about them, they were often planned ahead. The Colonel would always make the most out of any situation that involved the presence of journalists and photographers.
The girl on Elvis’ left is holding the opened Tour Book while the girl on Elvis’ right is holding a pen.
The photo below to the left is a (low-resolution and heavily cropped) alternative angle of the same ‘meet and greet’.
(probably) Ken Butts


Elvis Presley Souvenir Photo Album - Buffalo (April 1, 1957) 3b Elvis Presley Souvenir Photo Album - Buffalo (April 1, 1957) 2b




Elvis Presley Souvenir Photo Album - Toronto (April 2, 1957) 1

April 2, 1957
Toronto, ON (Canada)

These three photos all belong in the category A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words. Please do yourself a favour and click the enlargment for a better and more deserving view.
Of the two shows he did this day, the first would be the last time Elvis would wear THE GOLD SUIT
The first photo:
Toronto police is trying to move the fans back to their seats. Excitement is in the air!
I guess we can call this a true action shot since there is so much movement going on.
Two copies of the Tour Book are clearly visible but there are actually three Tour Books in this photograph. Can you spot the third one?


Elvis Presley Souvenir Photo Album - Toronto (April 2, 1957) 2It must have been quite an experience for these two innocent looking boys who went to see an Elvis Presley show but found themselves cornered by an overload of female hormones.
The front rows were usually packed with screaming teenage girls. But what about the three guys we see in the third row? They seem to be enjoying themselves, applauding their way through a wild 1957 Elvis Presley gig.
The Tour Book is pretty dominant in this photograph, in fact, it almost seems to be photoshopped in. But this is really 1957 (and not 2016).


Elvis Presley Souvenir Photo Album - Toronto (April 2, 1957) 4The most eyecatching person in this photo is the older lady with the Elvis button and the Tour Book on her lap. Who said Elvis only appealed to teenagers??
In the middle of the photo we see a boy wearing a Cowichan sweater but still thoroughly enjoying himself! The girl nex to him is clenching her fist with excitement.
Then we have the glasses wearing schoolteacher-type who seems to be making her own (dirty) mind up about the hipshaking sexual-movements-making breathtaking singer up on the stage in front of her.
Next up we have a girl replacing the flash bulb of her camera. And then we enter the Twilight Zone: we see the legs and hands of a boy holding the Tour Book while his torso and head have left planet earth …




Elvis Presley Souvenir Photo Album - Ottawa (April 3, 1957) (Dominion Wide) 1 upgrade

April 3, 1957
Ottawa, ON (Canada)

Like the day before in Toronto, Elvis did two shows in Ottawa and according to local newspapers the fans were screaming so loud that it was impossibe to hear Elvis sing.
The fans in the image to the right appear to have left their seats and moved up to the stage.
Photographer (photo to the right):
Dominion Wide
In the four photos below we see Elvis kissing a young girl by the name of Janet Fulton. For a very interesting interview the fabulous EIN website had with the lucky teenager in 2011, please go here: PIERS BEAGLEY INTERVIEWS JANET FULTON


Elvis Presley Souvenir Photo Album - Ottawa (April 3, 1957) 2 Elvis Presley Souvenir Photo Album - Ottawa (April 3, 1957) 3


Elvis Presley Souvenir Photo Album - Ottawa (April 3, 1957) 4 Elvis Presley Souvenir Photo Album - Ottawa (April 3, 1957) 5




Elvis Presley Souvenir Photo Album - Philadelphia (April 6, 1957) 1

April 5, 1957
Philadelphia, PA

In this photo we see Elvis doing a Press Conference for a bunch of High School Journalists. Going by her EPE wardrobe, the upcoming report of the Journalist to the left will probably not be one of the very objective kind. In fact, all of these reporters seem to be engaged in a staring-at-Elvis-contest more than anything else.
The two photos below speak for themselves! And even though the Tour Book is only visible in one of them, we decided to post both images since they go so well together. The facial expression of the two girls in the same row as ‘Ecstatic Girl’ is priceless.
Also notice the young lady all the way to the left in the first image, she appears to either be asleep or passed out.
Photographer (photos below):
Bill Ingraham


Elvis Presley Souvenir Photo Album - Philadelphia (April 6, 1957) (Bill Ingraham) 2 Elvis Presley Souvenir Photo Album - Philadelphia (April 6, 1957) (Bill Ingraham) 3




Elvis Presley Souvenir Photo Album - San Francisco (October 26, 1957) (Kari Paju)

October 26, 1957
San Francisco, CA

On this day Elvis started a three city California tour. The shows from this tour turned out to be his final live gigs in the 50’s on US mainland. In November Elvis would do the 3 shows in Hawaii that marked the definitive end of the wild rock ‘n’ roll live era.
Elvis did two shows on the 26th. The photo (with Ken Moore to the left) is from before the 2nd show.
We can see Elvis signing the Tour Book that, by this time, had been on the market for about a year.
Given the length of it’s availability, the Tour Book has become part of the legendary status that Elvis’ concerts in 1956 and 57 have achieved. To hold a copy of the Tour Book in your hands, is to hold a piece of rock ‘n’ roll history.




Fort Wayne (March 30, 1957) (Tommy Wadelton) 01 St. Louis (March 29, 1957)

The Tour Book on this page is from the collection of JUAN LUIS. My thanks for his enthousiasm in creating this article!
St. Louis, MO (March 29, 1957)
Photographer unknown
Fort Wayne, IN (March 30, 1957)
Photographer: Tommy Wadelton




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  1. Craig Philo #

    Stunning fan photos, they tell such a story… Great work Bob.

    February 24, 2016
  2. Juan Luis #

    Thank you Bob! Great stuff! It was a pleasure and KOOL to help out just a little.

    February 24, 2016
  3. Hard Rocker #

    Fantastic stuff, Bob.
    Delighted to see this, thank you so much.

    February 24, 2016
  4. Jans #

    Thanks Bob.
    Great topic.

    February 24, 2016
  5. Kari #

    Excellent, thank you!
    But surely the May 27 Dayton photo must be from a later date?

    February 24, 2016
    • Bob #

      I agree Kari. The date didn´t make much sense to me given the fact that we see EPE merchandise and the LMT Sheet Music. Also the Mr. Dynamite book was still available around this time.
      I scanned it from Israel´s book, which is divided into two sections (May 56 and October 56) and this photo is in the May section. But the photo was clearly taken inside the Paramount Theatre. The book actually mentions that Israel´s photos from LMT are from the premiere (November 15) while they in fact are all from the unveiling of the cut-out (October 28).
      Thanks for your comment and having an eye for detail!

      February 24, 2016
  6. Magnificent page, beautifully presented, containing images of great historical pop culture interest.

    Many thanks to all involved.

    February 24, 2016
  7. Judith #

    Thanks Juan Luis and Bob! I really enjoyed reading this.
    Everytime I think you’ve exhausted ways of looking at the 1950s Elvis, you come up with a new angle. Keep up the good work!

    February 24, 2016
  8. Ann Olander #

    Amazing and entertaining! Thanks for sharing!

    The last picture of the 3 from Toronto: the boy with the “Ugliest Christmas Sweater”, he’s actually wearing a Cowichan sweater. Very nice!
    And sought after today among us vintage clothes fans ;-)

    February 24, 2016
  9. Alan White #

    Some wonderful classic photographs, brilliant work Bob.

    February 25, 2016
  10. Alan #

    Thank you Bob for bringing us one of the most classy Elvis sites on the net, and thank you Juan for sharing your Tour Book with us.

    February 27, 2016
  11. Robert #

    Great Photo Book with such detailed & inside information. Just love it !

    February 28, 2016
  12. And easy to find a nice copy on ebay, for not too much money.

    March 2, 2016
  13. Fantastic report here – thanks for sharing!

    Question: Does anybody know more about the fact that there were two different versions of the second Photo Album “MR. DYNAMITE“ available? One that lists on the back cover seven 45s, 3 EP’s and one LP and one version that offers the whole back cover space for Autographs (back cover title Autographs, frame with music notes and on the bottom copyright information)? What is the difference with these two? I have the one with the seven 45s, 3 EPs and one LP on the back cover. But I recently saw a version with the Autograph back cover … This version someone got at a concert in 1956. Thanks & Cheers, Oliver.

    March 24, 2016
  14. I did some heavy research and figured out that from the second Photo Album, “MR. DYNAMITE 3 versions are existing:

    1st print/edition with MISSPELLING AlbuN intead of AlbuM on the front.
    Blank page at the back for Elvis to autograph

    2nd print/edition tour programme “Mr. Dynamite” CORRECTED AlbuN into AlbuM, but still blank page at the back for Elvis to autograph

    3rd print/edition tour programme “Mr. Dynamite” CORRECTED AlbuN into AlbuM and with the advertising for Elvis’ record at the back

    Please feel free to correct me in case you have other information.

    March 25, 2016
  15. Mary Pelc #

    I am the young lady in the April 5, 1957 photo … I am the one chewing my nails … I was only 12 and was with my older cousin at the Philadelphia Arena. We saw all 4 of his shows. She had me scared to death!!!!
    While we have seen the photo on the left in several magazines, including People’s 50 years of Rock & Roll, we have never seen the one on the right. What a surprise to see this!!! How can I get a copy of that photo (the one on the right where it looks like my cousin passed out)? We are both in our 70s and laugh every time that photo pops up!!!! Thank you for your response.

    June 9, 2017
  16. Arthur #

    I have a mint 1956 epe pic book my mother got in 1956 when she saw him in concert in North Carolina. She was 16. she’s dead now but would be 80 if she was alive. It looks close to the 2nd tour book but its a lighter blue and different front. It says they made others I believe it would be the 16 page version but its packed away. Until I get it back. should I assume its worth 200? Where could u sell it?

    January 20, 2018

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