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Elvis’ Japanese Discography: The EP′s


By Ger Rijff / Bob Pakes

EP top

Welcome to the Complete Discography of Elvis Presley’s Japanese EP‘s!


Your help is needed!
If you are able to fill any of the gaps (missing covers / labels / inserts), please get in touch. Thanks!

The Discography of Elvis’ Japanese 78’s can be found HERE!
The Discography of Elvis’ Japanese 45’s can be found HERE!




June 1956 | EP-1146 | Western Caravan, Vol. 4

EP-1146 A upgrade EP-1146 B upgrade EP-1146 C


July 1956 | EP-1164 | Elvis Presley

EP-1164 A upgrade EP-1164 B upgrade EP-1164 C


September 1956 | EP-1177 | Elvis Presley, Vol. 2

EP-1177 A upgrade EP-1177 B upgrade EP-1177 C


December 1956 | EP-1193 | Western Caravan, Vol. 6

EP-1193 A upgrade 2 EP-1193 B EP-1193 C upgrade


January 1957 | EP-1198 | Love Me Tender

EP-1198 A upgrade 2 EP-1198 B upgrade EP-1198 C


February 1957 | EP-1203 | Love Me Tender

EP-1203 A EP-1203 B EP-1203 C


March 1957 | EP-1206 | Good Rockin’ Elvis

EP-1206 A upgrade EP-1206 B EP-1206 C


March 1957 | EP-1207 | Elvis

EP-1207 A EP-1207 B EP-1207 C


July 1957 | EP-1226 | Top Hits, Vol. 10

EP-1226 A upgrade EP-1226 B EP-1226 C upgrade


August 1957 | EP-1237 | Top Hits, Vol. 11

EP-1237 A EP-1237 B upgrade EP-1237 C upgrade


October 1957 | EP-1250 | Top Hits, Vol. 12

EP-1250 A EP-1250 B EP-1250 C PNG


December 1957 | EP-1267 | Jailhouse Rock

EP-1267 A upgrade 2 EP-1267 B upgrade EP-1267 C


March 1958 | EP-1286 | Jailhouse Rock, Vol. 2

EP-1286 A upgrade EP-1286 B


June 1958 | EP-1309 | Don’t

EP-1309 A lege cirkel 12x12 EP-1309 C


July 1958 | EP-1315 | Wear My Ring Around Your Neck

EP-1315 A EP-1315 B EP-1315 C


November 1958 | EP-1332 | King Creole Vol. 1

EP-1332 A upgrade EP-1332 B upgrade


November 1958 | EP-1333 | King Creole Vol. 2

EP-1333 A


November 1958 | EP-1334 | Elvis’ Christmas Songs

EP-1334 A EP-1334 B EP-1334 C


December 1958 | EP-1336 | I Need You So

EP-1336 A EP-1336 B EP-1336 C upgrade


January 1959 | EP-1348 | Elvis Sails

EP-1348 A EP-1348 B EP-1348 C PNG


May 1959 | EP-1356 | I Need Your Love Tonight

EP-1356 A upgrade EP-1356 B upgrade EP-1356 C





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  1. Frikkin’ fantastic!
    Does the Top Hits volume 12 feature an Elvis photo cover?
    To save my life, I can’t remember having seen one?!
    Volume 11 is one of the rarest Japanese titles ever made…
    I would not be at all surprised to see a copy fetch $1500,
    or more, in auction nowdays!? Such a rarity !!

    October 8, 2013
    • Bob #

      Yes indeed. Elvis is on the cover of Vol. 12, and it’s a pic from your favourite movie too, holding a teddy bear, comparable to the US 7″ of Teddy Bear.

      October 9, 2013
  2. Alan White #

    Some real rarities, brilliant.

    October 8, 2013
  3. Thanks Ger & Bob !
    Strange to see a Janis Martin Song on EP-1177 Elvis Presley, vol.II
    Amazing what is all out there.

    October 8, 2013
  4. Craig Philo #

    Absolutely love the cover of volume 10, a different take of a very iconic image but bam! Straight in ya face … never seen before.

    October 8, 2013
  5. René (El) Vos #

    Just a week ago I discovered this Fantastic site. Via Ger’s Facebook page. It’s been added to my favorites. On my PC, phone, and tablet!
    Elvis Echoes Of The Past is always near. Thanks guys for the great work and time you spend making it.

    October 8, 2013
  6. Alan White #

    For me you can’t better the iconic image on EP 1164, as used on the first Worldwide LP, great work keep it up Ger and Bob, THANK YOU.

    October 8, 2013
  7. As some of you might have picked up on, I have a facebook Elvis ( a.o) 50s
    and 60s page these days. Not important, because the stories I did here ,
    on Echoes, will never be bettered. Bob and I were the greatest team ever.
    And Bob continues delivering quality pieces. One of the main reasons Bob
    and I split up, and both went our own way, had largely to do with the lack
    of response from the many visitors to this site. Facebook isn’t any better, I
    have to admit with pain in my heart… When the Guru of Elvis record collecting,
    Chris Giles, makes a statement on FB, just how incredibly rare the DON’T
    Japanese EP is: he had not seen one in over 20 years! Than I peek in on this
    topic seeing no (NO!) comments whatsoever, I wonder how much ‘alive’
    Elvis record collecting is in this day and age?! If nobody else cares a sh.. about
    the ‘Don’t’ ( and Teddy Bear EP), let me be the first to thank Bob for finding
    them, and show them here, on Echoes. For Chris it was 20 plus years since he’d
    seen a copy of Don’t…I had NEVER ever seen one in my life…And the same goes
    for the Teddy Bear release… Show a bit more appreciation for all the hours of
    hard work Bob puts in Echoes, daily! It’s the least you can do, for goodness sake!

    January 10, 2014
  8. One post from me, and the comments start pouring in …
    You lot don’t deserve this site. Shame on you!

    January 11, 2014
  9. Bent Seldrup. #

    Hej Ger!
    Måske du husker mig! D.27 August 1985 gav du mig bogen “Long Lonely Highway”med ordene “The Herning Hillbilly Cat” Du besøgte mig sammen med PH,husker du det?Jeg er nu 74år gammel,og er stadig Elvis samler,men er begyndt at sælge ud af min Elvis samling!! Dog ikke dine bøger/plader,dem beholder jeg absolut. Som du ser har jeg fået
    en PCer,men har kun haft den et år.De Elvis ting jeg sælger er det jeg ikke bruger så meget mere.De penge jeg får for det køber jeg de gode fl.AMARONE vine,jeg har P.T. 17fl.
    af slagsen.Nu stopper jeg,men du må da gerne svare hvis du vil.
    Hilsen Bent.

    February 16, 2014
  10. Roy Day #

    I picked up the following in a junk store in Texas:
    EP1177 the one with Janis Martin.
    No cover but label is as follows:
    White label
    Special Services
    Army & Air Force Service Clubs
    Hits of the Month Record
    Use on Service Club record players only
    Return record to envelope for storing.
    Can anyone throw any light on this strange but wonderful item?

    June 9, 2014
  11. It’s one of several made records for the Armed Forces in Japan, and perhaps
    other Asian countries. They all came in plain sleeves. I have 4 or 5 titles
    posted on my Facebook page…

    August 5, 2015

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