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Elvis’ Japanese Discography: The 45’s


By Ger Rijff / Bob Pakes

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Welcome to the Complete Discography of Elvis Presley’s Japanese 45 rpm‘s!


Your help is needed!
If you are able to fill any of the gaps (missing covers / labels / inserts), please get in touch. Thanks!

The Discography of Elvis’ Japanese 78’s can be found HERE!
The Discography of Elvis’ Japanese EP’s can be found HERE!




May 1956 | ES-5035 | I Forgot To Remember To Forget / Mystery Train

02 company 45 ES-5035 C upgrade ES-5035 D




June 1956 | ES-5042 | Heartbreak Hotel / I Was The One

ES-5042 A1 ES-5042 B1 ES-5042 C1

ES-5042 A2 ES-5042 B2 ES-5042 C2




July 1956 | ES-5049 | My Baby Left Me / I Want You, I Need You, I Love You

02 company 45 ES-5049 C ES-5049 D




September 1956 | ES-5051 | I Love You Because / Baby, Let’s Play House

02 company 45 ES-5051 C ES-5051 D




October 1956 | ES-5054 | Hound Dog / Money Honey

ES-5054 A ES-5054 B ES-5054 C




November 1956 | ES-5057 | Don’t Be Cruel / Blue Moon

02 company 45 02 company 45




January 1957 | ES-5062 | Love Me Tender / Anyway You Want Me

02 company 45 02 company 45 ES-5062 A




February 1957 | SS-1001 | Love Me / When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again

SS-1001 A (scan)




February 1957 | SS-1004 | I Want You, I Need You, I Love You / Will You Willyum

SS-1004 A 1




March 1957 | SS-1006 | Love Me Tender / Anyway You Want Me

SS-1006 A 1

SS-1006 A 2 upgrade SS-1006 B 2 SS-1006 C




March 1957 | SS-1007 | Don’t Be Cruel / I’ll Never Let You Go

SS-1007 A1

SS-1007 A2

SS-1007 A3 SS-1007 B3 SS-1007 C3




April 1957 | SS-1009 | Too Much / Paralyzed

SS-1009 A1 lege cirkel 12x12 SS-1009 C1

SS-1009 A2 SS-1009 B2




June 1957 | SS-1019 | All shook Up / Mama Guitar

SS-1019 A 1 lege cirkel 12x12 SS-1019 C 3

SS-1019 B 1

SS-1019 C 1 SS-1019 B 2




July 1957 | SS-1022 | Lonesome Cowboy / Loving You

SS-1022 A1 lege cirkel 12x12 SS-1022 C1

SS-1022 A2 upgrade lege cirkel 12x12 SS-1022 C2

SS-1022 A3

SS-1022 A4




September 1957 | SS-1025 | Teddy Bear / That’s When Your Heartaches Begin

SS-1025 A 1 upgrade SS-1025 A 2 SS-1025 A 3

SS-1025 B 1 SS-1025 B 2 SS-1025 B 3




November 1957 | SS-1045 | White Christmas / Here Comes Santa Claus

SS-1045 A SS-1045 B SS-1045 C




November 1957 | SS-1048 | Jailhouse Rock / Treat Me Nice

SS-1048 A1 SS-1048 B1 SS-1048 C1

SS-1048 A2 SS-1048 B2 SS-1048 C2

SS-1048 A3 SS-1048 B3 SS-1048 C3




December 1957 | SS-1053 | Have I Told You Lately That I Love You / Mean Woman Blues

SS-1053 A1 SS-1053 B1 SS-1053 C1

SS-1053 A2 upgrade SS-1053 B2 SS-1053 C2

SS-1053 A3 SS-1053 B3 SS-1053 C3




February 1958 | SS-1064 | Don’t / I Beg Of You

SS-1064 A1 SS-1064 B1 SS-1064 C1

SS-1064 A2 SS-1064 B2 SS-1064 C2

SS-1064 A3 SS-1064 B3 SS-1064 C3




June 1958 | SS-1084 | Wear My Ring Around Your Neck / Doncha’ Think It’s Time

SS-1084 A1 SS-1084 B1 upgrade SS-1084 C1

SS-1084 A2 SS-1084 B2 SS-1084 C2

SS-1084 A3 SS-1084 B3 SS-1084 C3




August 1958 | SS-1097 | Hard Headed Woman / Don’t Ask Me Why

SS-1097 A upgrade SS-1097 B upgrade SS-1097 C




September 1958 | SS-1103 | King Creole / Lover Doll

SS-1103 A1 SS-1103 B1 SS-1103 C1

SS-1103 A2 SS-1103 B2 SS-1103 C2

SS-1103 A3 lege cirkel 12x12 SS-1103 C3 PNG




October 1958 | SS-1106 | Young Dreams / Dixieland Rock

SS-1106 A1

SS-1106 A2 SS-1106 B2 SS-1106 C2




November 1958 | SS-1113 | I Need You So / Crawfish

Coming SOON!




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  1. Jim Turner #

    Nice to see some rare records. Thanks guys.

    September 12, 2013
  2. Bob, I had a few people on Facebook asking me when you’ll put the
    focus on the Japanese Extended Plays? And another question is: will
    you do the 10 inch and 12inch releases one day?

    October 8, 2013
    • Bob #

      I had planned to put the complete Japanese EP section online in one go. Till now I had only about finished the first two years (1956 and 1957). But why wait, right? I will put the EP’s (so far) out there as well, and then update that section year by year when time permits.
      Sure thing, the 10″ and 12″ releases will also find their way to Echoes in the near future!

      And thanks for your help Ger!

      October 8, 2013
  3. Talking about amazing facts in life? This morning I’d asked you,
    in a comment, about the plans on the EPs … and ‘whammo’ here’s the
    first bunch in all their splendour and glory, some 5 hours later … TERRIFIC!

    I now exspect from you guys & gals, our backbone so to speak, some
    nice sizzling hot response. That’s not too much asked for, is it?! If 40 thumbs
    go up on FB, talking about this site after only a few days, show us you can
    find something nice to say here, on the site itself!!! If not, I come to visit
    you, on your FB pages to talk some serious bizniz! : )

    October 8, 2013
  4. Jans #

    Excellent job guys, thanks for all the hard work !

    October 8, 2013
  5. Alan White #

    Keep it up guys, this is the best Elvis site bar none.

    October 8, 2013
  6. Juan #

    Awesome! Thanks.

    September 22, 2014
  7. There isn’t a site in this world presenting the Japanese releases as you do.
    I’m impressed, each and every time I have a look here.
    Seven comments in total for your work, with Chris’s help of course. How sad,
    and I know I’m repeating myself on this subject, no one else can’t be bothered
    leaving a comment on this and many other topics. You people in general don’t
    deserve this website. A crying shame.
    This is my opinion. Not Bob’s. I’m not as friendly as he is.
    Shame on you, save half a dozen.

    January 10, 2015
  8. Alan White #

    Some great rare items, brilliant.

    January 25, 2016
  9. Eric Guy #

    You do great work. keep it up.
    I love looking at old records and their variations.

    April 6, 2017
  10. Tim Gibbs #

    Nice site. I have four or five of these Japanese pressing Elvis 45’s in my collection. Anyone know the range for value? You don’t see them on Discogs, or really anywhere very often. Just curious if they are more valuable than the American pressings in general, and if so how much more valuable.

    May 31, 2018
  11. Jan Kuijs #

    How can i upload a picture i have es-5057 don’t be cruel blue moon

    July 23, 2018

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