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Elvis’ Italian Discography: The EP′s


By Bob Pakes

Elvis and Sophia 02 (february 1958, photo by Bob Willoughby)Welcome to the Complete Discography of the very collectible Elvis Presley EP’s that were released by RCA Italy!
There were quite a few different pressings of each title, and the differences were sometimes so minor, it’s hard to tell them apart. The goal of this topic is to collect all titles/pressings in one place, and it will remain ‘a work in progress’ until all known Italian EP pressings have been collected here.

The Discography of Elvis’ Italian 45’s can be found HERE!




1956 | Rock And Roll Rhapsody

A72V 0068 (September 1956)
A72V 0068 a1 A72V 0068 a2 A72V 0068 a3 upgrade


A72V 0068 (December 1956)
A72V 0068 (re-release dec 1956)


A72V 0068 (April 1957)
A72V 0068 01 A72V 0068 02 A72V 0068 06




1956 | Elvis Presley

A72V 0072 (1956)
A72V 0072 00 (allereerste) lege cirkel 12x12 A72V 0072 00 (allereerste) c
A72V 0072 (November 1957)
A72V 0072 01 A72V 0072 02 A72V 0072 03


A72V 0072
A72V 0072 04 (de tweede) A72V 0072 05 (de tweede) A72V 0072 06 (de tweede)


EPA 30-072
EPA 30-072 01 EPA 30-072 02 EPA 30-072 03




1956 | Il Re Del Rock ‘n’ Roll

A72V 0073 (November 1957)
A72V 0073 A1 (11-1957) A72V 0073 A2 A72V 0073 A3


A72V 0073 (November 1957)
A72V 0073 B1 (11-1957) A72V 0073 B2 A72V 0073 B3


A72V 0073
A72V 0073 04 (de tweede) A72V 0073 05 (de tweede) A72V 0073 06 (de tweede)


A72V 0073
A72V 0073 07 (de derde) A72V 0073 08 (de derde) A72V 0073 09 (de derde)


A72V 0073
A72V 0073 10 (de vierde) A72V 0073 11 (de vierde) A72V 0073 12 (de vierde)


A72V 0073
A72V 0073 13 (de vijfde) A72V 0073 14 (de vijfde) A72V 0073 15 (de vijfde)


EPA 30-073 (November 1958)
EPA 30-073 A1 EPA 30-073 A2 EPA 30-073 03




1956 | Rock ‘n’ Roll

A72V 0074 (November 1956)
A72V 0074 04 upgrade A72V 0074 05 upgrade A72V 0074 06


A72V 0074 (October 1957)
A72V 0074 07


A72V 0074 (October 1957)
A72V 0074 10 (10-1957)


A72V 0074 (December 1957)
A72V 0074 01 A72V 0074 02 upgrade A72V 0074 03


EPA 30-074 (January 1963)
EPA 30-074 EPA 30-074 02 EPA 30-074 03




1956 | Fratelli Rivali (Love Me Tender)

A72V 0083 (December 1956)
A72V 0083 01 (12-1956) allereerste ital uitgave, usa met stickers over logo A72V 0083 02 (12-1956) allereerste ital uitgave, usa met stickers over logo upgrade A72V 0083 03 (12-1956) allereerste ital uitgave, usa met stickers over logo


A72V 0083 (November 1957)
A72V 0083 01 upgrade (11-1957) A72V 0083 02 A72V 0083 03


A72V 0083
A72V 0083 04 upgrade A72V 0083 05 upgrade A72V 0083 06




1957 | Rip It Up

A72V 0091
A72V 0091 01 A72V 0091 02 correctie A72V 0091 03


A72V 0091 (November 1957)
A72V 0091 00 (11-1957) A72V 0091 00 (11-1957) back


A72V 0091
A72V 0091 00 guitar strap

EPA 30-091
EPA 30-091 01 (de eerste) upgrade EPA 30-091 02 (de eerste) upgrade A72V 0091 03


EPA 30-091
EPA 30-091 04 (de tweede) EPA 30-091 05 (de tweede) EPA 30-091 06 (de tweede)




1957 | Strictly Elvis

A72V 0092 (June 1957)
A72V 0092 2e 1 A72V 0092 2e 2 A72V 0092 2e 3


A72V 0092 (November 1957)
A72V 0092 4e 1 A72V 0092 4e 2 A72V 0092 4e 3


A72V 0092 (1957)
A72V 0092 5e 1 A72V 0092 5e 2 A72V 0092 5e 3




1957 | Amami Teneramente (Loving You)

A72V 0161 (September 1957)
A72V 0161 A (1e)


A72V 0161 (January 1958)
A72V 0161 A (2e) A72V 0161 B (2e) A72V 0161 C (2e)


EPA 30-161 (July 1958)
EPA 30-161 A (4e) EPA 30-161 B (4e) EPA 30-161 C (4e)


EPA 30-161 (September 1958)
EPA 30-161 A (5e) upgrade




1957 | I Need You So

Coming SOON!




45N 1088 THANKS:
And to Jans Rabbers for adding some high quality scans to this topic!

The photo of Elvis and Sophia Loren was taken in February 1958, on the set of King Creole, by Bob Willoughby.




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  1. Jim #

    This is what we want. Quality records from around the globe, not just the USA and Britain. Keep up the Excellent work guys!

    June 14, 2013
  2. Alexander #

    There was so much creativity in the Elvis catalog back then. USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Australia… Each country had their own release schedule and art department, it seems (far away from the supervision of that grumpy Colonel).

    I personally only collect German and US releases (just to keep expenses within the budget) but I just love all these foreign releases finally being done justice with great posts like this. Keep ’em coming, great to see!

    June 14, 2013
  3. Paul Pearce #

    Always loved these foreign records from around the world. The art work is sometimes so much better and they used differant photos, so much better than the onces were are so used to seeing. The US sleeves are pretty lousy in some cases. But just dig the sleeve for the Rock’n’Roll EP with the b&w shot from the rehearsal fron the Steve Allen Show, quality!!!!

    June 14, 2013
  4. Jim #

    The Rock ‘n’ Roll EP must have the best cover of any record. I only have the reissue. I’ll get the original someday. Ger have you asked Bruno for some of his records?

    June 14, 2013
  5. While the Japanese Discography is a co-production between Bob
    and me, but the Italian research is all Bob.

    I’m trying to upload my batteries, having a holiday away from
    24/7 Elvis for the time being. It’s only for the better to
    step back from things once in a while…

    I have no idea if Bruno offered help? I’ve not seen him around
    on Echoes for quite a while…?

    June 15, 2013
  6. Bob #

    I have contacted the Italian connection after this topic went online, and Marco (Bruno’s friend and co-owner of the Italian Collector’s Club) has offered his help with filling out the missing dates (year and month of release).

    He also mentioned he had some rare Italian promo EP’s that he was willing to share with us.
    We’ll have to wait and see how things will work out!

    June 15, 2013
  7. Jim Turner #

    Sounds good Bob. As I said an Excellent topic. A lot Elvis records from Italy, Spain, Japan, Chile etc had amazing covers in comparison to the USA, UK and the Colonel‘s product.
    Looking forward to the rest of this series.

    June 16, 2013
  8. I find it nonsens to hail many of the foreign releases over the original
    U.S. issues from the 1950s to the early 60s. Quality wise the American
    ones are far superior in detail and color on the photos used for 45s
    and albums covers. I love the Japanese releases…but most colors are
    way off. Either too much yellow, red or orange is used in presenting
    Elvis’s facial looks. Not to mention the poor use of paint and brush
    ‘touch up’ by the Japanese Victor Art-dept. I don’t know if it was done
    deliberate, but Elvis on his Japanese record releases, looks more Asian
    like, than the white male from North America that he was for 42 years.

    And let’s stop knocking the old colonel for everything that went wrong
    during Elvis his carreer. Sticking to the record releases: did Elvis once
    got involved in the artistic side of presenting him on the cover of
    his record releases?! Nope. He didnt give a damn. He could have, like
    The Beatles did, early on in their carreer. Did Elvis ever came up with
    an idea what design could be used, or which photograph would be ideal
    for an album cover? His album covers from the 70s, with two or three
    exceptions, are a frikking joke. A jumpsuit salad impossible to digest.

    June 16, 2013
  9. Alan White #

    A great topic, looking forward to any additions.

    June 16, 2013
  10. Jim Turner #

    Ger, a lot of the covers from foreign countries used different artwork and looked better. Some of the USA and British ones were good but some were grim and not so good. I know some Japanese and Mexican ones made Elvis out to be a local boy.
    A lot of the fifties and early sixties covers are superb. The Rock ‘n’ Roll EP is a perfect example of that.

    June 16, 2013
  11. Yes, mon ami Jim, I know , many countries used different designs for
    theie record covers. I may be old, but not totally blind. And indeed, some
    are outstandingly good. Still, in my opinion that has a lot to do with the
    fact we discovered the Italian, Japanese and ones from Spain, some
    20 years after the original US editions had become so much part of our
    lives. And those we knew through and through… With internet, and
    collectors such as Chris Giles, we became aware of the many rare ones
    from various countries. They looked fresh and ‘loud’ compared to the
    ones we had known for so long. But they often did use the same
    photographs, but set against a different background, with bold lettering,
    eye catching colors, etc.
    These ‘foreign’ covers would, in many cases, not have worked for the U.S.
    market at the time. And that’s why I feel the colonel picked the right
    photos and designs for the American teen-market.
    And with the exception of the Italian Rock n Roll and I Need You So EP covers
    none bettered the originals from a commercial point of view. And that’s
    what it was all about: sales !
    Did the Japanese, Italians, etc, ever betterd the first 2 albums, Golden Records 2,
    The fold out Christmas and A Date With Elvis albums? I don’t think so.
    But I’m the first to applause the different approaches in design from many
    a country at the time. They give us the opportunity to make the topics we’re
    doing here on Echoes.
    Jim, I know you drool over the 10 inch from Chile… so did I when I first laid eyes
    on that mini album. But can you imagine such crude artwork and cheap printing
    used for the North American market, back in the 50s?! I cant.

    June 17, 2013
  12. Paul Pearce #

    Yeah Ger, the albums you’ve mentioned, the 1st two, Golden Records 2, the fold-out christmas LP and A Date With Elvis, i agree, they were never bettered. Maybe i’m wrong, but i would imagine that those album covers were designed with very little Colonel imput. I can’t see the colonel coming up with sleeves as creative as those.

    June 17, 2013
  13. Jim Turner #

    You are right Ger. The ones we are familiar with get treatedas just another record apart from a handful of favourites. So when we see what the other countries have we think they are better. some are but not all. A case of the grass is greener elsewhere.
    that Chile 10″ is still

    June 17, 2013
  14. colonel snow #

    Nice to see all the different labelsand catalogue numbers from the same EP’s.
    Over the years a lot of variations excist for the same EP and / or LP.

    colonel snow

    June 17, 2013
  15. First time ever I lay eyes on the Italian edition
    of Strictly Elvis. They sure knew how to do a
    excellent printing job. Beauty!

    August 5, 2013
  16. I like these beautiful records and covers.
    Keep them coming.

    August 5, 2013
  17. Alan White #

    Some beautiful EP’s.

    August 6, 2013
  18. Hi Guys, Are you gonna put the Release Dates by ALL these EP’s ?
    I think the Italian Discography that came out some years back was the best Discography I have ever seen on a Specific Country – as with all works of this kind nothing can ever be 100% & I did have some Dated EP’s that weren’t noted – Rather than send what you already may have, if you can Date those showing I can dig out some of the others I have, the more, the merrier..

    August 20, 2013
  19. Laurence #

    I agree with Ger, I´ve been collecting Elvis on vinyl from around the world for 40 years, stop knocking the original USA releases, colors and sleeves are fab, there´s nothing like holding a copy of EP 1254 for the first time, it´s like holding history in your hands.
    TCE Laurence, in Northern Ireland.

    June 21, 2015
  20. Francine Hribar #

    Anyone interested in an Italian production with and RCA license? Amando Curcio Editore.

    Elvis picture and name on cover. Also the words Super Star. Twelve pages of Elvis life history in Italian. The only English is on the record label naming the songs and all the credits, “Elvis Presley ’56 How a Legend Was Born.”

    The words “Super Star” are on the jacket and on the label.

    May 27, 2018
  21. glenn harper #

    How to add my version of ep?

    June 2, 2021

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