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Colonel Parker And His Amazing Technicolor Movie-Coats


By Bob Pakes

Gold 2TOM PARKER was all about making money. Nothing else seemed to matter. And he never missed out on an opportunity to make an extra buck. In fact, just about everything Parker did served the goal of making money. And even more money.
We all love to hate the man who referred to himself as ‘The Colonel’. And for the avarage Elvis-fan it has almost become a natural thing to blame Parker for everything that (eventually) went wrong during Elvis’ career. We praise Elvis for all the good things, and we put the blame on Parker for the bad decisions.
But how bad were the bad decisions? Did Elvis spent too much time in Hollywood, and did he spent too much time on stage at the International? No. Everything went according to plan. That is, according to Parker’s plan. Money kept pouring in. So Parker continued to do what he was good at: making lots of money for himself and his client.
Any weak decisions on behalf of Elvis Presley? Yes. Should he have moved to a new manager in the early/mid 60’s and chose a different path for himself and his career? Yes.
Every now and then a photo of Parker on a filmset pops up in which he is wearing a specially designed white coat that promotes the current movie. As some sort of walking-talking-human-promotional-sign, Parker would let himself be noticed by the members of the press.




1960 GI Blues 1 (Trudy and Tom Diskin at GI Blues Birthday Party - signed by the Colonel to Trudy)

1960 | G.I. Blues

The first time a special movie-jacket popped up, was at the G.I. Blues birthday party.
Colonel Parker probably thought it wise to try this brilliant new marketing idea of his out on Trudy and Tom Diskin before he started wearing these fine pieces of clothing himself.
On the wall we can see movieposters of Elvis’ earlier films as well as an RCA banner promoting the Stuck On You single. Whenever the press was invited to a movie-set, the Colonel would make sure that the walls would be decorated with posters, banners, sheet-music, record-sleeves, etc. in an effort to further commercialize whatever could be commercialized.
This photo is actually signed by Parker:
“To Trudy from the Col.”




1961 Wild In The Country 1

1961 |
Wild In The Country

On the set of Wild In The Country we can see The Colonel wearing a movie-jacket for the first time. It was an almost exact replica of the one for G.I. Blues.
1961Wild In The Country 2




1962 Girls! Girls! Girls! 1

1962 |
Girls! Girls! Girls!

Some major changes in the design-department: the jacket has now become a coat!
And not just more fabric was used, but also plenty more colors. So, here we have the first official, famous, flashy, colorful, eyecachting, Colonel Parker Movie-Coat!
However, the Colonel was still not yet completely satisfied with the design of his movie-coat! The only two words that were printed on this coat are ELVIS and GIRLS. The upcoming coats after this one, will also contain the name of the director and some of the co-stars, as well as the logo of the relevant moviestudio.
Notice the usual suspects holding the banner.

1962 Girls! Girls! Girls! 4 1962 Girls! Girls! Girls! 2




1963 Fun In Acapulco 2

1963 | Fun In Acapulco

To celebrate the last day of shooting, Parker wore a mariachi outfit while he had someone else dressed up as … him!
1963 Fun In Acapulco 1 (March 13, 1963)




1963 Kissin' Cousins upgrade

1963 | Kissin’ Cousins

Priscilla joins the fun. In the background of this November 1963 photo, we can see promotional stuff from Kissin’ Cousins and (mainly) It Happened At The World’s Fair.
The gentleman to the right is Sam Katzman, he produced Kissin’ Cousins. His not very flattering nickname was “King Of The Quickies”.
And what is the Colonel looking at?




1964 Roustabout 1

1964 | Roustabout

“Stack it up, in the rear
Better still: bring it here
Wanna take it out, stick it in his ear
But it’s too bad, I can’t get mad
‘Cause I’m a roustabout
A handyman is all I am around this place
Everytime I turn around, he’s right up in my face!”

– Elvis Presley
Below we have a series of photographs of a British celebrity (whose name will not be mentioned on this website) visiting the set of Roustabout and wearing Parker’s Movie-Coat.

1964 Roustabout 4 1964 Roustabout 3 1964 Roustabout 2




1965 Girl Happy 1

1965 | Girl Happy

To my knowledge, none of Parker’s Movie-Coats have ever appeared in any auction. And I can’t remember having seen them on display at Graceland or in one of the museums. Were they destroyed or was their quality so bad they did not stand the test of time? Or are the Coats currently in the private hands of a raincoat-fetishist?
All kidding aside, it would be interesting to know what happened to the Coats once they became obsolete.

1965 Girl Happy 2 1965 Girl Happy 3 1965 Girl Happy 4




1965 Harum Scarum

1965 | Harem Holiday

This is quite a telling photo. To think that Elvis once so regretted that he had Steve Allen dress him up in a tuxedo for a few minutes on national television in 1956, while by 1965 he hardly seemed to care anymore about his image.
By looking at this photo, one can tell that Colonel Dries is now the main star of the show, the show in which the “Elvis Presley product” had completely taken the place of Elvis Presley the human being.
Check out the names that can be spotted way down at the bottom of the coat: MARTY and SONNY. Who said the Colonel did not have a sense of humor??
In the Roustabout photos, we can see the names of BILLY and CLIFF around the same position.




1969 In Person 1 (Vegas, August 1, 1969 Press Conference)

1969 | In Person

By the summer of ’69 Elvis’ movie-years were finally over, which also meant the Colonel had to say goodbye to his so beloved Movie-Coats. But did he? During the August 1, 1969 Press Conference in Las Vegas, we can see the specially designed Parker-coat for the very last time.
A remarkable era in the Presley career had come to an end …
1969 In Person 3 (Vegas, August 1, 1969 Press Conference) upgrade

1969 In Person 4 (Vegas, August 1, 1969 Press Conference) 1969 In Person 5 (Vegas, August 1, 1969 Press Conference) upgrade

1969 In Person 2 (Vegas, August 1, 1969 Press Conference) 1969 In Person 6 (Vegas, August 1, 1969 Press Conference) (Jove)




Your friend (indeed ...)




Country Music Hall of Fame (Colonel Parker Exhibit, 2009) 3COUNTRY MUSIC HALL OF FAME:
‘Colonel Parker Exhibit’
(September 2009 / March 2010)
After this article went online last year, a very helpful Elvis-fan let me know that at least two Parker Coats had stood the test of time since they had been on display at the Country Music Hall Of Fame during a special exhibit in honor of Parker’s 100th Anniversary.
On the photo to the right we see the already mentioned Fun In Acapulco Coat next to what could be called an ‘All Purpose Coat’ that seems to celebrate the sales of Elvis’ records around the world.

Country Music Hall of Fame (Colonel Parker Exhibit, 2009) 1 The Parker Exhibition in Nashville ran for six months and was named after one of his (in)famous quotes:

The Colonel quote

Country Music Hall of Fame (Colonel Parker Exhibit, 2009) 2In the bottom left of this photo, we can see the information card on which the Coats are simply referred to as SHOP COATS because Parker used to buy them at the Sears & Roebuck department store, he then had them handpainted in order to promote his latest Elvis project.
Two of the photos from the Parker Exhibit displayed here, are part of THIS blogger’s trip to Nashville.
Below a low quality image of the information card (apalogies for that), but at least the text is readable.
Country Music Hall of Fame (Colonel Parker Exhibit, 2009) 4




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  1. Gerrit de Jong #

    A delightful topic Bob.
    I always loved that story where The Colonel was attending an MGM Party but while being there he handed out Photos of Blue Hawaii, a Hal Wallis Production for Paramount Pictures.

    November 25, 2014
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    Excellent article, thank you.

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  3. r&b #

    In the first photo, is that a banner for the Fame & Fortune single? It is partially hidden. Anyone have a full image of this? I dont believe I have ever seen one.

    November 26, 2014
    • You can find / see a full picture of the banner in the booklet of Elvis Is Back! FTD release.

      November 27, 2014
      • Bob #

        That is correct. Plus there is also a photo of a recordstore in the booklet of the Elvis Is Back! Legacy Edition that shows the Stuck On You banner.

        November 27, 2014
  4. Great topic! Great job Bob.

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    Great article on what’s probably an overlooked topic … you couldn’t take the carny outta the Colonel … fascinating insight!

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