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Charro! (1969) – THE STILLS


By Bob Pakes

Original stills from his 29th movie.
More SOON!

Charro - USA press still 201

Charro - USA press still 200 Charro - USA press still 202

Charro - USA press still 203 Charro - USA press still 204


Charro! - USA color press still 50 Charro! - USA color press still 51

Charro! - USA color press still 52 Charro! - USA color press still 53


Charro press still 101

Charro press still 103 Charro press still 104

Charro press still 105 Charro press still 102

Charro press still 100 Charro press still 106


Charro! - USA press still 01

Charro! - USA press still 10

Charro! - USA press still 11 Charro! - USA press still 12

Charro! - USA press still 13 Charro! - USA press still 14

Charro! - USA press still 15 Charro! - USA press still 16

Charro! - USA press still 17 Charro! - USA press still 18

Charro! - USA press still 19 Charro! - USA press still 20


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  1. No comments yet?! Not even from Charro’s number 1 fan, Gerrit?!
    Too busy on Facebook, Gerrit? : )

    October 4, 2013
  2. Gerrit de Jong #

    Well ok … it is suprising to see how much promotion went along with the Charro title … National General Pictures realy made a great effort to promote this different kind of an Elvis film … looking at the stills its surprising to see how many show Elvis with just a plain white shirt, I asked co star Solomon Sturges about this and he does remember the extreme heat during the making of the movie … it is likely that the stills from Charro wearing the white shirt only are rehearsals … by the way Elvis nickname for Solomon was Billy Sol … Wanted 10.000 Dollars reward … Jess Wade, American, six foot two, dark hair, Fair Complexes … The rest is history.

    October 4, 2013
  3. r&b #

    I really don’t think Elvis was 6 foot 2. Wasn’t he barely 6 feet? Why is that so often quoted as his height?

    October 5, 2013
    • Gerrit de Jong #

      I’m only quoting the script from Charro :-)

      October 5, 2013
  4. The high heel spanish like cowboy boots added the 2 extra inches…Just like the white boots on stage in the 70s.

    October 6, 2013

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