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Blackboard Jungle (1955)


By Bob Pakes

USA 1-sheet
Blackboard Jungle - USA 1-sheet


USA half-sheet
Blackboard Jungle - USA half-heet


USA insert
Blackboard Jungle - USA insert


USA window card
Blackboard Jungle - USA window card


USA press stills
Blackboard Jungle - USA press still 01

Blackboard Jungle - USA press still 02 Blackboard Jungle - USA press still 03


USA movie program
Blackboard Jungle - USA movie program 01 Blackboard Jungle - USA movie program 02 Blackboard Jungle - USA movie program 03


USA newspaper ad
Blackboard Jungle - USA newspaper ad


Canada 1-sheet (1960’s)
Notice Sydney Poitier‘s topbilling on this re-release.
He was still fairly unknown when he co-starred in Blackboard Jungle.
Blackboard Jungle - Canada (re 1960's)


France 1-sheet
Blackboard Jungle - France


France soundtrack EP
Featuring songs by Bill Haley, including of course the movie’s opening song Rock Around The Clock
Blackboard Jungle - France EP


Germany 1-sheet
Blackboard Jungle - Germany


Spain 1-sheet
Blackboard Jungle - Spain


UK quad
Blackboard Jungle - UK quad


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  1. Holy Batmobile! One from my want-list of classic 50’s films! And again: the design
    and artwork (especially the US ones) presented here in all their glory is of an
    amazing quality! You could not have picked a better title to start the weekend!

    April 19, 2013
  2. Yesterday I watched this film. I did not see it before.
    It’s about juvenile delinquency and I think that’s why the Bill Haley song is in it.
    Rock ‘n’ Roll was causing this to the youth …

    btw. It’s a great movie!

    May 12, 2013
  3. One of my Top 10 fave flicks!
    First saw it at a private cinema midnight showing in Newcastle when it was paired with ‘The Girl Can’t Help It’.
    It blew my mind!

    June 2, 2013
  4. Nicholas Cantarella #

    Is there a Soundtrack available?
    Thank You.

    July 27, 2014

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