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Times Square in the 1950’s

Take a stroll down Times Square in either the year of 1954 or 1955!

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Elvis, John, Paul, George and Ringo (1964)

When New York teens jumped up and down in their seats to the excitement of Elvis and The Fab 4 headlining on The Ed Sullivan Show!
UPDATED with an interesting 1964 article!

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RCA Victor Record Store Banners

Here we have a collection of banners that were used as in-store promotion for new and upcoming Presley records in the 50's and 60's.
UPDATE: a very cool 1956 in-store poster for Love Me Tender has been added!

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Strictly Elvis No. 4 (August 1968)

From August 1968, an eyewitness review of the NBC TV Special, plus an interview with producer Felton Jarvis!

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HMV Meets RCA Victor (rare HMV sheet music)

A collection of rare HMV sheet music.

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