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West Side Story (1961)

The links between Elvis and West Side Story.

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The Tankers Annual 1963

A complete early 60's fanclub magazine (by Gary Pepper), loaded with interesting and rare candids!
(By Jans Rabbers)

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Viva Las Vegas (1964) – THE STILLS

Step right up for the biggest online collection of original moviestudio film-stills!

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4x Sissi magazine (Spain, June + July 1959)

A nice treat from Spain: 4 magazines from 1959.

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Elvis in Other 1950’s And 60’s Card Sets

A closer look at the Elvis-cards that were part of worldwide multiple artist sets from the 50's and 60's!
(Thanks to Seth Kaminsky!)

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Change Of Habit (1969) – THE STILLS

A collection of original stills from Elvis' final movie.

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