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Caramba! Elvis In Argentina!

See Elvis' releases on the Vik and RCA Victor label in Argentina.
(UPDATED, thanks to the help of two Echoes-regulars)

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Richmond ’56 Revisited, PART 3

The final entry of our Richmond '56 trilogy!

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Muziek Expres nr. 101 (May 1964)

A fresh scan of color pics from that special Valentine's Day on the Potomac!

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Like A Tornado! (Arkansas, 1955)

The young Memphis Flash whoops up audiences in the deep South during the first half of 1955!

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Deke Rivers

Forever in Blue Jeans!

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DIG (November 1956)

"Rock 'n' Roll ïs here to stay!". Plus extra shots of Presley at the New Frontier.

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DIG (April 1957)

"Presley takes army physical". Plus also 8 pages on James Dean.

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DIG (May 1958)

"DIG interviews Elvis Presley".

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