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1954: Elvis and The Billboard


By Bob Pakes

logo rand sun kopieWhen it comes to an artist’s achievements on the charts, THE BILLBOARD has certainly set the standard for any artist’s succes to be measured by. In this topic, we will chronologically go through the impact Elvis had on the charts, while also focusing on the role The Billboard played in Elvis’ career.

Presented in this topic are all articles and charts published in The Billboard in 1954 that either mention Elvis’ name or include direct Elvis-related info.
To help visualize and put into perspective what was actually going on during that remarkable year of Elvis’ breakthrough (and especially since The Billboard did not publish any photos of Elvis in 1954), images from this timeframe have been added to this topic.
Let The Billboard guide you through the first 6 months of Elvis’ career. We will start our journey in July of 1954, when SUN 209 was released …



Billboard 1954-07-17 01July 17, 1954

In the same week that Elvis’ first single was released, a person by the name of Tom Parker bought himself 7 ponies. He will soon meet up with the boy from Tupelo, and together they will change the music industry forever.



Billboard 1954-08-07 01August 7, 1954

This date marks the first time Elvis Presley’s name is mentioned in The Billboard. The Sun contract was actually signed on July 26, 1954.


Billboard 1954-08-07 03Almost as if Elvis’ fate was sealed from the moment his name appeared in print for the very first time, also Parker‘s name popped up in the same magazine. The Sleepy Hollow Ranch was a Country & Western venue and amusement park that was known as the Grand Ole Opry of the East Coast. Big names, from Patsy Cline to Bill Haley, took to the stage at the Ranch.


Billboard 1954-08-07 02And in the same edition Elvis gets his first ever review, in the Country & Western section of the magazine, Elvis is being introduced as a “strong new talent”.
SUN 209 was officially released on July 19, 1954.
209 A



Billboard 1954-08-14 02August 14, 1954

A week later, the Sun contract gets another mention, and some additional information is given about Elvis. The appearance at Overton Park Shell took place on July 30, 1954, and this was only the 4th time Elvis, Scotty and Bill performed together.


Billboard 1954-08-14 01kopieMemphis DJ Dewey Philips premiered That’s All Right on July 8 on his Red, Hot And Blue radioshow. It was the first time Elvis Presley could be heard on the radio.
July 30, 1954
1954-07-30 01



Billboard 1954-08-28 01kopieAugust 28, 1954

It’s the first time ever that Elvis’ name appeared on a chart when Blue Moon Of Kentucky debuted at nr. 3 in Memphis.
Notice how his name is spelled incorrectly as Prisley.
For the next 7 weeks, there will be no articles that mention his name. But we see him popping up on every Memphis chart.



Billboard 1954-09-04 01kopieSeptember 4, 1954

A week later saw That’s All Right entering the chart as well, just behind Blue Moon Of Kentucky, holding the nr. 4 spot.
August 1954
1954-08 - kopie



Billboard 1954-09-11 01kopieSeptember 11, 1954

Yet another first for the 19 year old:
Blue Moon Of Kentucky takes over the nr. 1 spot!
That’s All Right dropped a few places, but it will stay on the Memphis chart for the next month.
September 9, 1954
1954-09-09 02



Billboard 1954-09-18 01kopieSeptember 18, 1954

Blue Moon Of Kentucky lost the topspot, while Jimmy & Johnny are the best selling act this week in Memphis.
In just two months time, Elvis Presley and Jimmy & Johnny will appear together at the Eagle’s Nest.
September 9, 1954
1954-09-09 01 - kopie



Billboard 1954-09-25 01kopieSeptember 25, 1954

Blue Moon Of Kentucky has regained the nr. 1 spot!
And Elvis’ success has now also reached Nashville: we can see that That’s All Right found his way to the local chart in Music City.



Billboard 1954-10-02 01kopieOctober 2, 1954

While both sides of SUN 209 hold their ground in the Memphis area, Elvis left the Nashville chart after one week. But he will be back later this month.



Billboard 1954-10-09 01kopieOctober 9, 1954

The charts clearly indicate that Blue Moon Of Kentucky apparently was the more succesful of Elvis’ first two songs. Kentucky not just hit the nr. 1 spot twice, but it also had a longer run in the chart altogether.



Billboard 1954-10-16 01October 16, 1954

Local Memphis DJ BOB NEAL got involved with Elvis right from the start (in July of ’54) when Sam Philips had asked him to help promote this promising new talent. Before the year was over, Bob would become Elvis’ manager, taking over from Scotty Moore who had acted as such for the first five months.


Billboard 1954-10-16 02kopieThat’s All Right has now left the Memphis chart and it will not return. But Blue Moon Of Kentucky is still riding high.
October 16, 1954
1954-10-16 01c



Billboard 1954-10-23 01October 23, 1954

A short but quite interesting article:

* Elvis had made his debut on the Grand Ole Opry on October 2, 1954. And from his point of view it had been a total disaster, though not so much because of the tame audience reaction to his ‘untraditional’ performance. According to George Klein, Elvis would refer, in strong language, to Opry boss Jim Denny as the person who “kicked me off the Grand Ole Opry”.
* Hank Snow, the big attraction at the Opry, was involved with Tom Parker.
* The article mentions a gig in Atlanta, but there is no proof this really took place. Apart from the Opry (Nashville), the boys, up until this point, had only performed in their own hometown.
* As some sort of insignificant footnote, the article also mentions Elvis’ first (and groundbreaking!) appearance on the Louisiana Hayride on October 16, 1954.


Billboard 1954-10-23 02kopieBlue Moon Of Kentucky is not just back on the Nashville chart, it is also climbing again in Memphis.
October 1954
1954-10-16 02



Billboard 1954-10-30 01kopieOctober 30, 1954

With Blue Moon Of Kentucky still going strong, we have two noteworthy premieres this week:
* Good Rockin’ Tonight, the 2nd single, has entered the Memphis charts.
* And maybe even more interesting is that Elvis has scored his first chart success in another state: Blue Moon Of Kentucky found it’s way to the chart in New Orleans. It is very likely this is the direct result of Elvis’ debut-performance on the Hayride 4 days earlier.



Billboard 1954-11-06 01November 6, 1954

Another interesting article. We can see how important foundations for Elvis’ career were being laid:
* Colonel Parker has arranged a 10-day C&W tour through the south with Eddy Arnold (whom he had managed up until a year earlier) headlining. The line-up included a group that would soon back Elvis up: The Jordanaires.
* Two other names that Elvis will soon become familiar with are Tom Diskin and OSCAR DAVIS.
* October 31st the tour hits Memphis.
* Last but not least: two RCA reps accompanied the tour. Eddy Arnold of course recorded for RCA.


Billboard 1954-11-06 03A perfect example of Tom Parker‘s “subtle touch” of (self-)promotion: he phoned The Billboard himself to let them know was he was up to.


Billboard 1954-11-06 04kopieElvis’ 2nd single, SUN 210, was officially released on October 4, 1954. And once again, Elvis received a positive review from The Billboard when his new single was described as a “solid record”.
210 A


Billboard 1954-11-06 05kopieBlue Moon Of Kentucky remains on the Memphis chart, while Good Rockin’ Tonight took a short dive after it’s debut a week earlier, only to return on the chart for the rest of the month.
November 8, 1954
1954-11-08 02



Billboard 1954-11-13 05November 13, 1954

This week, the people who will become Elvis’ 2nd and 3rd manager both get a mention:
Bob Neal had held a poll among his listeners regarding their favourite “folk” singers. And Presley came in 10th. Not bad for this newcomer who only had one or two 45’s out at the time!


Billboard 1954-11-13 06In the meantime, the Colonel, as well as Mrs. Colonel, apparently visited a hoedown in Florida. This ‘news’ is, of course, hardly worth a mention. Parker was most probably up to his selfpromoting antics again, making sure that the handful of people who did not notice him in the flesh in Tampa, now also knew that he had in fact been there. And that’s good to know.


Billboard 1954-11-13 04kopieThe Browns and Elvis performed and toured together quite often throughout those early beginnings. On this very day, November 13, both acts appeared on the Hayride.


Billboard 1954-11-13 03Sun 210 was already reviewed in last weeks edition of The Billboard (as a “Spotlight On …” record). It gets another mention in the regular section of this weeks edition.


Billboard 1954-11-13 02kopieBlue Moon Of Kentucky has taken a temporary absence on the Memphis chart (but it will return in a couple of weeks time) while Good Rockin’ Tonight is back on the list in the nr. 3 spot.


Billboard 1954-11-13 01 disc jockey pollIn a poll among Disk Jockeys, Elvis took the nr. 8 spot in the category Most Promising Hillbilly Or C&W Artist of 1954.
This is an amazing achievement since only SUN 209 had been released at the time of the poll’s result.
1954sunpub - kopie



Billboard 1954-11-20 01November 20, 1954

As mentioned in an earlier issue of The Billboard, Parker had taken over management of Hank Snow. According to this article Tom Diskin and Oscar Davis will become his associates.


Billboard 1954-11-20 02The evergrowing line-up at the Louisiana Hayride now officially includes Elvis Presley.
On November 6, Elvis had signed a one year contract with the Hayride.


Billboard 1954-11-20 03In the November 6 issue of The Billboard we learned that Parker had arranged a 10-day tour with Eddy Arnold headlining. And this week we can read that the tour was a huge succes. Thanks to one man of course: the Colonel.
From the Elvis point of view, it is interesting to note that through Bob Neal, Elvis had met with promoter Oscar Davis, and Davis had invited Elvis to attend the October 31 show in Memphis. Elvis did. And this is probably the first time he met with Tom Parker.


Billboard 1954-11-20 04The “19-year-old comer” is now a regular on the Hayride and a “force” to be reckoned with.


Billboard 1954-11-20 05kopieGood Rockin’ Tonight remains on the Memphis chart.
Of his first four songs, I Don’t Care If The Sun Don’t Shine, was the only one not to chart.
November (23), 1954
1954-11 - kopie



Billboard 1954-11-27 01kopieNovember 27, 1954

Blue Moon Of Kentucky is back, and together with Good Rockin’ Tonight, this will be the last time this year Elvis has two songs on the Memphis chart.
November 1954
1954-11 05 - kopie



Billboard 1954-12-04 01kopieDecember 4, 1954

Blue Moon Of Kentucky is in it’s last week on the Memphis chart.
But Presley is covering new territories:
So far New Orleans (Louisiana) had been the only non-Tennessee territory. But for the first time his 45’s have charted in Texas and Virginia!
Good Rockin’ Tonight found it’s way to the chart in Houston, while Blue Moon Of Kentucky ended up on the chart in Richmond.



Billboard 1954-12-11 01December 11, 1954

More good publicity, from Shreveport, according to Bob Strack Elvis is “the hottest piece of merchandise” on the Hayride. He is referred to as “the youngster with the hilbilly blues beat”.


Billboard 1954-12-11 02And here we encounter Tom Parker again, on the prowl for new talent …


Billboard 1954-12-11 03kopieThat’s All Right has taken the place of Good Rockin’ Tonight on the Houston chart, while Blue Moon Of Kentucky is in it’s last week on the Virginia chart.
For the first time since Elvis had emerged on the music-front, he is not represented on the Memphis chart.

Elvis will still be on next week’s Houston chart with That’s All Right (sadly enough I do not have this chart myself and therefor cannot reproduce it here), but that will be the last time Presley’s name can be seen on any chart for almost 6 months.



1954 (27 dec 1954) 01 1954 (27 dec 1954) 02This concludes our look at Elvis’ first year in The Billboard. And what a year it’s been! Elvis will now have to wait until May 1955 before one of his records will be in the charts again.
1955 will be a busy year for Elvis with constant tours throughout the south. And before the year is over, Elvis will score his first nationwide nr. 1 on the C&W chart. There is no stopping the boy from Tupelo!


1954-12-27 11 Lou Lowry 1954-12-27 10 Lou Lowry


1955: Elvis and The Billboard … COMING SOON!



1954-07-27 1st press photo by Jim Reid cPHOTO CREDITS:
1954-07-27 Jim Reid (Memphis) (1st ever publicity photo of Elvis)
1954-07-30 Bill Burk (Overton Park Shell, Memphis)
1954-08 Clettes Presley (Eagle’s Nest, Memphis)
1954-09-09 Opal Walker (Lamar Airways Shopping Center, Memphis)
1954-10-16 J. Kent (Louisiana Hayride, Shreveport)
1954-11-08 unknown (Memphis State University, Memphis)
1954-11 unknown (with a fan, Gladewater)
1954-11 (in a photobooth with Jeanette McDonald, Shreveport)
1954-12-27 Lou Lowry (Lou Lowry’s house, Memphis)

CREDIT for all articles and charts goes to BILLBOARD MAGAZINE.

For tons of information on the venues Elvis, Scotty and Bill played in 1954, please visit James V. Roy‘s incredible website: SCOTTY MOORE



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  1. Thanks a million, Just absolutely fascinating!
    In 1954 I was twelve and had never heard of Elvis Presley.
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    Please, can we have a look at 1955?

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  7. Craig Philo #

    Interesting how Blue Moon of Kentucky outstripped ‘That’s Alright’ fairly convincingly, boy it had legs! That seems to get forgotten with time. Perhaps old Bills clowning around with that song should get more recognition than in does in most quarters.
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